What does it mean to be a youth?

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to see the future

* ask whatever questions I want

* studying your eyeballs off

* youth is wasted on the young

* to be able to dream big

* taking chances

* i can get away with talking about the financial crises and Harry Potter at the same time

*   not afraid to make big mistakes  to revel in the joys of life 

* one of the most amazing periods in life

*  unlimited energy, curiousity and discovery 

* I can't really play with much stuff 

* live boldly 

* I can finally argue with my parents, and win!

*   nothing is decided for me yet, I can be anything 

* believing in potential 

* time for experiments and getting crazy

*  being rebellious

*   allowable experimentation

*   getting discounts at the Apple store 

* when I learn

*   drinking and eating too much

*   going crazy

*   no limits to imagination 

* no more a child yet no adult worries too 

* freedom, energy and aspiration  being young, I have room to fail

*   being a bit lost 

* being neither here nor there

*   having to serve National Service (conscription)

*   i can be whatever I want 

* unhindered by the practical constraints of life 

* having the courage to take responsibility for being the leaders of tomorrow

*   It means I can be crazy 

* ask for every favour I want 

* freedom

*  the capability to make a difference

*   a time to experiment to enjoy without too many worries



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