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The Curatorial team of TEDxSingapore includes many talented 'thinkers and doers' and TED-sters (people who have attended TED Conferences) and TED Fellows. 

In 2007, a group of Singaporeans and TED fans passionate about ideas organised monthly meetings to hear and talk about ideas across diverse fields and topics.  Meetings were open to anyone to attend and were typically small, numbering a few dozen people, to encourage close conversations. 

When the global TEDx programme started in 2009, TED gave us a licence to found TEDxSingapore, as an opportunity and way to reach out to more people in Singapore, and build into this vision.

TEDxSingapore started March 2009, and is now continously co-created by dozens of passionate and dedicated TED fans who llve Singapore, as well as, an amazing diversity of people from all over the world who make their contribution while 'passing through' Singapore, even if only for a few months.

Since 2009 till 2015, we've curated 31 TEDx idea events, platformed over 150  speakers and performers, grew the local TED community to over 60,000 people in partnership with numerous organisations and businesses in Singapore.

We're completely AWED!

If you're a passionate TED fan, find out more about joining our Curatorial team here

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