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"To know that wherever you go, you will be respected and not disadvantaged. "    ~    Jean                                                           
Fairness. Right to same opportunities    ~    Cathy      

Women will take on more leadership and management role. There should not be a difference between gender and capabilities. The stories of these women and their achievements should be showed to the world.    ~    Yock Song

"I was born and raised in the Philippines were poverty was very much prevalent. However, women was a strong hold in the family - respected and more often than not, the main source of income for the family. Women is not treated as much with a double standard. This is my hope for all women in the World and in Singapore...no double standards...but equals in all rights. 
"    ~    Diana 

"To have goals and take pride in achieving them, and at the same time sharing ideas and goals with friends as well as the public, inspiring each other to grow in strength."    ~    Genevieve Shaun   

                                                        "Confident, more active in social work but still retain their roles in the family."    ~    Lan 

"From my point of view, the world is always in balance. The God made man and woman to balance each other. Woman has been growing and showing promising talents since long time back in history. In the past, man is known for its destructive and rational characteristic while woman are protector and emotional in nature. But now, woman has become more competitive while man has been more passive in fighting for a better life. It shouldn't be judged in the way that which sides are better, but it should be both parties helping each other to achieve harmony in life. I would see the future world as woman has becoming more adaptive and rational in working together with man to create a better world while man would be learning from woman to be more caring."    ~    Ka Yiung   

"Equality, respect and empowerment"    ~    Carl 

"What i wish for the future of women in the world: abolish illegal sex industry, eradicate unjust sexual preferences(of males over females), remove illiteracy. what i see in the future of women in Singapore: self dependent and sufficient"    ~    Jia Li                 


Have more time for kids and family    ~    Vivian


Equal Opportunity for everyone    ~    Soon Leng                       

                                     "I would like to see increased access and promotion of  education for women of the world, at all education levels. Education opens doors for employment to provide more for themselves and their family, higher understanding of the world, and improved ability to contribute to the economy that they live in. In particular, women in more developing countries need enablers to educate their families on the benefits of education."    ~    Maya

"To see and love ourselves for who we are and celebrate that;  To remove their prejudice and bias towards their own gender;  To eradication of trafficking of women and children;  Gender equality around the world."    ~ Karen   


                                                Respect    ~    Lisa

"The furture is establishing on both man and woman in singapore. However, woman is going to take more resposibility for the society. Meanwhile, woman is sharing the happiness of life and work in the society."    ~    Liang       

                                                     "I believe the status quo is rather well balanced in Singapore. However, this may not be the case in other third world countries.  I watched a movie called Babies recently. It is a documentary which compares the raising of babies from developed countries like Japan and third world nations like Zimbabwe. The movie depicted how the roles of women from third world countries were simply to procreate and take care of their young.  I hope that in the future, the responsibility of taking care of one_s offspring is not only borne by the females. Instead, it should be a shared task between the husband and wife in countries all over the world."    ~    Jayne


Equality    ~    Rai

"I want to see equality of opportunity, so that girls growing up in every far-flung corner of the world have a chance to learn and explore and enjoy it, without the burdens of prejudice or the obstruction of others' expectations to hold them back."    ~    Dan

"Future of Women in the World. I think there is a need to remove the social stigma associated with foreign female workers.  In addition, I would also like to see an increase in the number of prominent female leaders in the world."    ~    Nor Lastrina

"Some of the major corporate leaders in Singapore are women, and many are inspiring and share their experience and knowledge which are humbling to others. I hope to see more successful women, not afraid to be outspoken and confident who make a difference in the world."    ~    Farhana

"What I want for women in the world is to have access to opportunities as I did and have the choice to take them : becoming a super stay at home mum, or a corporate goddess, whatever the preference is, women should be able to choose and be respected for their choice. Of course, before that a lot of things must be done, and primarily access to education and health. The status of women, especially in certain parts of the muslim world and warzones in Africa is extremely worrying: I wish I could do more to help... Joining the TED network might help me  "    ~    Florence


I wish for women the world over to be empowered and to be free of abuse and inequalities. Developed countries are doing well and we now need to help developing countries to achieve a similar standard for their women.    ~    Darcy

"I really hope that such an amazing place as Singapore will also open more widely the politics doors for women. In my perspective, the gap between men and women in politics it's an incredible paradox of this island, and needs to disappear."    ~    Cristi


"To start taking notice of what's happening beyond Singapore's borders and see what is going on around the world, and use our position of privilege (wealth)to make the world a better place."    ~    Snowdon

Independent and assertive individuals with equal opportunities as men.    ~    Jackie

Making people understand that better women means an infinitely better world. http://girleffect.org/question    ~    Sabarinath


That women discover their wholeness and personal power    ~    Michele

Independent and Outspoken. More decision Makers for both national and international arena.    ~    Katherine


"better future, fair career opportunities, higher educations, more supports on domestic life"    ~    Sherrene


"I wish that Women will also have the equal opportunities to access education, and be free from sexual exploitation."    ~    Sze Jie

"I wish women in the world will respect & stand up for themselves without loosing the feminity & the very essence that makes us special. ...I think the young Singaporean women should get out of Singapore and go explore the world more. So they can bring back their new experience, new mind & enlightenment back to their home country and inject a stronger female voice with flare into the society."    ~    Nicole

"To be confident, happy and successful"    ~    Kelly

Freedom to empower ourselves in every way    ~    Darcy


Universal education so that women not only have a voice but can affect the world around them.    ~    Carolyn

Feminism and feminity being opposites. That's got to go away.    ~    Andy

"Not get out of the box for the sake of getting out of the box - do things you are passionate about, even if it means staying within the box."    ~    Angie

"I wish that women will be treated fairly as men, or even more superior than men. I want the World to stop saying that women is emotionally or physically weaker than men. We, women, can be on par with men as we are capable in doing so."    ~    Kimberly

"That they understand the characteristics of women and use them to contribute to society, corporations, familes etc without neccessary having to intimidate men or act lie them in order to be successful or recognised"    ~    Wei Sian

"This generation of people, no matter men or women, in Singapore, should have more connected to the past..."    ~    Yuning

"to be empowered of self-worth, especially for the ladies in the developing countries.  To believe in one's own potential, to remove self-limiting beliefs and taking action to actualize our dreams to nurture the younger generations to be confident, compassionate and competent children and young adults"    ~    Wei Shan


Gender equality.    ~    Debbie


To be recognized for their individual contributions in various aspects of life.    ~    alicerenez

I wish to see women empowered at all levels of society and be a less fragmented group - although diverse but united in one voice in terms of women empowerment issues and rights.    ~    Genette

"I wish that women in developing countries dare more putting their ideas forward and developing initiatives to make them economically independant. For Singapore, maybe that Singaporean women focus more on other less privileged women in the region."    ~    Pascale

"Empowerment and belief in their inner strength can take women to new heights. I wish more women could believe in themselves and discover their strengths and use it positively for leading an enriching life and contributing to the community. Women are a huge resource of talent, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and I wish we could do more to harness this."    ~    Anju


"I wish women to participate more in different roles for society and earth   ~    Dan

"I wish that the women of world would aspire and reach for greater heights, be it running for political office or simply speaking their mind. All too often women have given up aspirations and successful careers for their family. The younger generation needs more women to inspire them!"    ~    Rui Qing

Sensitivity and a better representativity in core business leading to a strongest impact on humanity    ~   Fleur-Eve

"I wish to see more gender equality in the future, in other words more rights for women in all aspects. I believe that God made men and women to be unique in their own ways and hence women should never be put down by the society or marginalized in any way. I believe that with education and spreading of word of the differences influential women can make, there will be a greater future for women."    ~    Jiaxu

Women who has the heart for people and who has the capabilities to take on greater responsbilities as a leader. Women who dares to be different and yet not in an arrogant way.    ~    Michelle

"Equal rights to men of course ... what I hope for would be the future generations to be brought up without even hearing about the idea of women vs. men because I feel that being told that is what starts the idea of the male superiority in their minds."    ~    Heleena


"Assume positions of leadership in traditionally male-dominated fields, yet lead and inspire organizations through non-traditionally-masculine management styles."    ~    Harnhua

"courage to pursue, strength to change and will to succeed."    ~    Winnie

"The women in Singapore are well equipped to do much more for the world, especially since we are being surrounded by so many countries in need of our help.  But somehow we just need to get more involved and inspired. I hope that TED will be a good avenue to show people how they may contribute."    ~    Joyce

"I wish in the future for any women in Singapore/the world to be courageous so as to recognize and tap into their true potential and inner strength. Ultimately, for each to be a fully empowered individual leading a personally defined fulfilled life, with increasing open mindedness yet firm in decision. Each woman to build her own personal identity, value her own dreams, and living her own life."    ~    Juliana

"I hope for Singapore woman to be proud of our Asian heritage, We have to affirm others that Asians are just humans too and to promote a ""By Asians, For Asians"" mentality."    ~    Sulastri


should grow women leadership    ~    Yu Ri

"If they feel strongly for an issue or cause or hope, they just have to keep it in them and work towards making it happen. Its all in the mind. Once you conquer your mind, anything can be done. For those with no convictions, its time to find one."    ~    Juliah Bee

independence    ~    Denisa

"I wish to see every woman realise her worth, and be empowered to live life to the fullest, to aspire to be the best that she can be. Too many women feel trapped in their situations and unable to break out, and end up living  in mediocrity."    ~    Eugenia

"That women take on greater political role, not just in Singapore, but also the world. The women/mother's touch will help to reduce tensions in the world and give greater focus on family matters"    ~    Shirley

"I believe we are the enabling factor to build tomorrows leaders, as daughters, mothers, sisters, friends. We look at community building approaches."    ~    Yasmine

My wish for all women is for them to have  the freedom to choose who they want to be.  I believe education for girls and women has the most potential to change the world for the better.    ~    Roxann

I wish to see gender equality and how social media can help to ensure that    ~    Daniel

"to become more empowered change agents in wherever we are and whatever capacity we have, and to celebrate and share our unique gifts as women."    ~    Andriani

"I wish for a real sense of freedom.  Women all over the world are trapped in many different ways - not all, but most.  Women in the Middle East are trapped by religious extremism (and often ignorance).  Women in the US seem to be in a tunnel vision of ""equality"", sometimes not understanding that equality is not measured in career rungs but the ability to feel as free as men.  Women in Singapore seem to be trapped in being able to prove themselves early in life then ""retire"" into an ""easier"" way of living, focusing only on their children and themselves. ...Freedom to be educated and to make choices and simply ... to feel as free as their male counterparts in their actions and decisions in life!"    ~    Pin Chin

"That Singapore women be free from societal expectations of them about what it means to be a woman and have courage to live the life they want, bearing all consequences cheerfully"    ~    Schutz

"I am inspired by women who find strength to carry forward in times of trouble.  To not only carry themselves but their children, their friends, and their communities.  I wish to see all women help one another through education, science, design, and ultimately through love."    ~    fraulina

"The typical submissive wife should be no more. That is not to say, however, that those who chose to do so are wrong. Women in Singapore need to be empowered to take a stand for what they believe in; and not just leave the big items (such as politics, for example) to the Old Boys' Club. Genders correlate with perspectives, and that needs to be reflected."    ~    Ernest

"(1) Empowerment - Helping women find their source of strength and identity as a woman and be empowered to make an impact  (2) Relationship and Community - Build stronger community of women who support each other and build each other up (3) Voice - Provide a voice for those women who don't have their own voice"    ~    So-Young

women are the future of business world    ~    Arnaud

"Women in Singapore need more avenues and platforms to interact, trade ideas, opinions, experiences and mentor/mentee/challenge and inspire each other."    ~    Charlene

"That we have equal opportunities, are not judged by our gender or by some narrow definition of what men and women should be. Choice, respect and being valued for who we are."    ~    Sabina-Leah

"In the developed world I hope to see improved education and access to health services as well as freedom from gender based violence. Locally there is a need for improved services for those who are going through crises such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, separation, etc."    ~    Robin

"I wish for equal opportunity for women in all fields of work, be it engineering, programming, politics or civil defence - especially at the higher levels where there could still be glass ceilings.  This probably starts with equal access to education (from elementary to college) for females and showcasing role models.  Having grown up in Singapore, I believe we've done a good job so far with education.  But for the fields of science, technology, entrepreneurship and government, we could still do more to encourage women participation."    ~    Fabian

"I wish for women and girls - who will one day become women - to always remember the importance of self-respect.  In a globalised world we live in now, I hope that women continue to remember the importance of family in the midst of economic pursuit."    ~    Jolene

"Sweeping industrial & organizational change - full support for family responsibilities, particularly for pregnancy." ~    Damian

I'd want to see a woman become a full fledged (fairly elected) minister in Parliament.    ~    Shihan

professional equalities and opportunities    ~    bianca

"Women in Singapore are a much blessed group with world class education, healthy family environment, and societal support.  I believe we have much to contribute to the Singapore society, outside Singapore and the world as a whole.  However, many of us would need to have our minds opened, heighten our awareness to the issues and possibilities, ingnite our imagination and desires.... so much we can achieve."    ~    Sharon

"What I want is for us to (1) free ourselves, (2) make changes consciously and for the good of society... Throughout the ages, women have pioneered new concepts of living, new ways of thinking.  As mothers and wives, we still have a disproportionately great influence over the vital area of family life.  Changes in this area can have ripple effects throughout society. We must recognise constraining assumptions and acknowledge our power to fight them."    ~    Lydia

"awareness that it does not always revolve around me myself and I - and respect who I am, can be, and will be."    ~    Aarathi

"I hope to see many more inspirational, powerful women in Singapore. I feel that Singapore has the potential to attract the most eclectic mixture of people and I hope to see more of this."    ~    Lena 

"1. Happiness, independence (financial, mental and emotional) and love. 2. Higher awareness of environmental issues, such as responsible tourism, animal welfare / protection of endangered species, support of locally produced / organic products and global warming. 3. Gender Equality. There have been significant improvement, however it is a fact that there is no true equality at workplace. The male colleague with the same qualification, doing the same job, performing at equal level, is paid a higher salary and has better chance for promotion. The number of female senior executives is out-numbered by males in most corp. We still have work to do."    ~    Amy


more exposure to international cultural    ~    Grace

"strong, confident, secure women yet tender, loving and gentle. have opportunities to lead, innovate, contribute to society, help the poor, honor and love people. to bring beauty into every place and situation."    ~    Jael

For women to be given the same opportunities as men.    ~    Ee Jia

"Women in India would have financial and social independence. Women in Singapore to embrace life with confidence in every life station."    ~    Priscilla

"Women's naturally more connected & peaceful manners influencing more of the world - in corporations, policies etc."    ~    Dianna

"Women able to rise up from the status quo they live in and breakthrough to rise above who culture and education limits them to be. Women who dare to be different and lead by a fulfilled life to inspire the next generation, and leave a rich legacy to the generations after them"    ~    Grace

Education for mothers and girls so that they can be empowered and not be abused.    ~    Marion

"That we stand up for Justice, for righteuos living/righteous livelyhood for ALL., men and women. As long as these basic concepts are not uphold  we cannot have worldpeace, world happiness and harmony.  It is timely that we bring complatency with the good life in balans with what is happening in our systems of Justice. In most countries blue and white collar crime punishment are shockingly out of balance."    ~    Elise

"Every one working together to create a socially beneficial and sustainable way. Women, are unique. We can be competitive and nurturing at the same time. And our abilities to multi-task and to think beyond the obvious, definitely will enable us to achieve whatever we want to for this generation and future generations."    ~    Dazzle

In the world to be free to express themselves to generate woth ideas.    ~    Franck

"My wish for women in singapore to emulate from past generations of women who are strong to face adversity, dressing is not about the cleavage, or super mini skirt rather it is about one's confidence and no matter what job a woman holds, be proud to earn money decently, and take responsibility of one's life and actions. Be a pillar to support rather than wait for support."    ~    Pritambkaur

I wish for young girls who are less privileged to believe in themselves to strive for a greater sense of self worth emotionally and not rely on materialism to increase their self esteem.    ~    Jeanette

To finally throw off the self imposed shackles    ~    Richard

"Believe that nothing is too small if we dare to dream it, think it and do it."    ~    Cath


"To become the strong, beautiful women that they are and reach their full potential."    ~    Yu Ting

The freedom and ability to lead the lives that they want. This implies that they have access to education and get support from their communities to follow a path that they chose. I wish that they can do so while being respected for who they are.    ~    Marie-Laure

"i wish that we will be who we are - and not be / work for a certain stereotype that has been propagated by society. We need to understand who & WHAT we are.. what we are not.. and only in doing so, will we be able to truly fulfil what we are meant to do!!  LOL - ok its really not THAT philosophical. I just don't really believe the feminist views. I just believe that women are women, and we are made to do certain things, and not certain things, and we should all know and understand that."    ~    Maryanne

"... I wish to see more of these women rising up to push frontiers, to build upon their existing clout to spearhead efforts in creating access and opportunities which so much of the world needs now.  ...There is still much to be done, a long way to go."    ~    Jiewei

"I wish to see equal opportunities for women in the workplace, and also for more women/ girls to have access to education in patriarchal societies."    ~    Nicole

"Equality , access to education, to fair treatment may be a given in some countries (such as mine), yet it is still a daily struggle in others. And it is crucial that even in the so called developed countries, we remain in constant alert as all the 'given' our mothers/ grandmothers fought for, can be fragile. I wish women will nurture their femininity and still continue to preserve and develop their rights."    ~    Valerie

"Strong force to contribute initiative to the economy as a whole. I hope to see Singaporean women taking the lead in being creative, unique and inspire others."    ~    Paweena

I wish to see girls and women having equal access to basic rights and opportunities across their lifetimes.    ~    Amy

"My focus is mostly on the Philippines which is where I'm from. I see a future where women in the Philippines contribute more and more to leading the charge in helping the impoverished, social change and entrepreneurial empowerment. This is already taking place. I am interested in doing what I can do towards all these ends."    ~    Mai

"I wish to see less girls being subjected to unfair treatment, prejudice and abuse just because they are females."    ~    Benson

"Freedom - to be free from guilt when being away from our family (ie. caring for the children and our aging parents) while at work. At the same time, free from resentment of the demands of the family when in pursuit of our ambitions."    ~    Sharon

"In Singapore especially I want to see women able to stand independently. There seems to be a message floating around Singapore, that your nothing without a relationship. I want women to be able to stand up individually, with confidence and personality."    ~    Meera Jane

"I wish that in future, there will be a company created by Women, shaped by Women and catered for Women.  In Singapore where the birthrate is so low, it's not because we don't want to have kids but it is not without making some sacrifices at work which I think is unfair."    ~    Rebecca

"I believe that women in the world have achieved tremendous progress through means of their own will and power.  I see that a lot is yet to be done to reduce inequalities, ill-treatment and the overall female condition. In my view, the main obstacle to women's emancipation is traditions and yet I also believe that women have the capability to use those traditions to their advantage because they are traditionally the garant of the traditions in most cultures.  Overall I am optimistic for the future although I truly believe that patience and determination are our best allies."    ~    Catherine

To stand firm in what they believe    ~    Glenise

Empowered to lead the change!    ~    Pooi-San

Absolute equal rights in everything.    ~    Alvina

"To be able to champion their rights in whatever areas thats important to them. I love to see more young girls being trained to be independent, creative and passionate!!"    ~    Ho

I still feel that men dominate in senior executive positions and I wish we had more women that people early in their career could aspire to be.   

Women's brains are wired differently to men's this is a major asset to the world. I want women to appreciate their specialness and to be more generous in the way they give of their talent and time outside the family unit.    ~    Angela

More women to play a role-model for leading start-ups and corporate enterprises.    ~    Eric

"No matter what role women define for themselves - a homemaker, a part time or full time career person juggling home and family life - engagement in social change should be as much a matter of priority, in however small a way."    ~    Bhavani

To see them being able to balance life well    ~    Jean

Greater wisdom and compassion in all women across the world. To help other women in need.    ~    Karen

"Women in Singapore take it for granted that we're not treated as a different sex, but simply put, another human being.  Of course, this is not the reality that many women around the world is privileged to be able to feel or be viewed by their community.  I wish women in Singapore and other parts of the world with the privilege to be empathetic and give back however we can."    ~    Georgina

to direct the world in a more honest and fun manner. Break down barriers and work together to create one bg family.    ~    sealey

"In the longer term, I would like to see that discussion of issues no longer have a separate classification as ""women's issues"..”    ~    Wynthia

Singaporean Women should rise to encompass a good balance of the best mix of  women all over the world.    ~    Carolina


"Introduce measures to bring much more harmony and balance to hectic lives. Revamp the education in Singapore to provide useful skillsets to children - financial management, failure management and etc."    ~    Zeoane

"I strive to see more women in the world and Singapore being viewed as equal individuals in all their roles in society, business and family, all whom deserves the best of society's resources to grow and develop their skillsets and character."    ~    Christine

Instead let me ask you a question: what would Singapore be like today if Lee Kuan Yew were a woman     ~    James

"Women all over the world need to be educated, not just in terms of paper qualification. They need to be educated on what it means to be financially sound and  socially aware of what is going on around them. They need to be given more opportunities to be who they are without any prejudice."    ~    Rajashree


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