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TEDxSingaporeLive simulcasted TED India from 5 to 7 Nov, 2009 

  >> All venues were provided thanks to fantastic support from our National Libraries & SMU.

    Live Simulcasts in Singapore



Ever wondered what a TED Conference is like?

Ever dreamt of being at TED?  

Imagine no more because we are bringing a TED Conference to you and Singaporeans, as it unfolds over 3 days from Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th November.

You'll experience the entire conference LIVE with amazing TED speakers, ideas, demos and performances in 9 incredible sessions focussed on the theme "The Future Beckons."

Plus, great opportunities to meet other curious souls and TED fans in Singapore, engage in close conversations and share your passions and ideas.  

TEDxSingapore brings you this unprecedented opportunity to experience a Live TED Conference through the generousity of TED who gave us the simulcast rights and allowed us to share it with you, the TED Community and all Singaporeans. 


There are 9 TED sessions over 3 days.  You can attend all of them, please register so we know exactly how many people are attending and can plan the venue.  Thank you.



Thursday 5 November   (all Singapore times)

Session 1.  Fast Forward @ 1:30-2:45pm @ Tampines public library 

Day1 Break* 

Session 2.  Not Business As Usual @ 4:45-6:30pm @ Tampines public library

Day1 Dinner*

Session 3.  Wonder, Wonders  7:15-8:45pm @ library@esplanade 

Friday 6 November

Session 4. Reinventing Development 10:50am-12:45pm @ library@esplanade

Day2 Lunch @ esplanade*  

Session 5. Redesigning Community 1:20-3:15pm @ library@esplanade

Day2 Break @ Cafe in library*  Other TED Talks will be screened at this time too!

Session 6. Green and Blue  4:35-6:30pm @ library@esplanade

Day2 Dinner @ esplanade*

Session 7. The Power of Stories  7:00-8:45pm @ library@esplanade

Day2 Drinks @ Harry's @ esplanade *

Saturday 7 November 

Session 8. Learning to Learn 10:45am-12:45pm @Singapore Management University, School of Information Systems

Day3 Lunch @SMU / Kopi Tiam@Bras Basah Road* 

Session 9. Within You, Without You 1:15-2:15pm SMU, School of Info Sys

Post-TED Conference gathering and drinks* 2:30pm Ice-Cold B's' on Ground floor School of Business SMU

* All breaks and meals locations will be near the screening venues.  Join us for these casual, self-pay opportunities to meet and chat with other TED fans and Community in Singapore.  


Share, show..

When you come to TED Live simulcast sessions, do bring something to share with people (drinks, snacks, etc).  And, bring something to show, if you like...





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