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The Substance of TED fans Unseen

Unseen talents and passions,  Unexpressed  possibilities...

Once again, amazing diversity and passions of everyone in Singapore's TED Community... thinkers, doers, educators, designers, architects, a TV host,

Unlimited opportunities for you to learn, share and connect... with people who love and value ideas...

Here's what you've written for your name tags:

(as of 19 Feb 2010...)

Talk to  Jaiswal  about Science * Psychology * Music and Art

Talk to  Ridjal  about Innovation * Startup Culture * Design

Talk to  Ray  about Design + Biz * Strategist * Evangelist

Talk to  Syafiq  about Anything Design * Filmaking * Motion Graphics

Talk to  bronwyn about foucault * public spaces * design

Talk to  Richard  about mobile web * lifehacks * data

Talk to  Song about web2.0 Korea * OnlineMarketing * Gananan Forum

Talk to  Ruiwen about hackerspacesg * communities * startups

Talk to  Ronnie about Ronnie * Technology * Design

Talk to  Cyndy about Arts * Interactive * Multimedia

Talk to  Jun Hao about Illustration * New Media * Graphics

Talk to  Taehwan  about Online Ad * Google * Korea

Talk to  Yunmi  about Environment * Plants * Bioscience

Talk to  Basil about Marketing * VC Funding * Education

Talk to  Aaron about DESIGN ISM'S! * ART ISM'S * BLALA BLA

Talk to  Wenjie about Urban Trees * Christianity * Conservation

Talk to  Danz  about Advertising  * Digital media * Opportunities

Talk to  Dave  about Film * Writing * Animation

Talk to  Rachel about Biodiversity * Education * Idea synthesis

Talk to  Anoj about Microfinance * Soc.Enterprise * Web 2.0

Talk to  Bryan about Enterprise * Health * Food

Talk to  Gabriel  about Photography * Architecture * Design

Talk to  Yin Ling  about ergonomics * web usability * ID

Talk to  Shalabh  about Digital Media * Ebusiness * Intrstng stuff

Talk to  Daylon about design thinking * toastmasters * weird habits

Talk to  Sarah  about Media * Politics * Current Affairs

Talk to  vincent about a * b * c

Talk to  Jessica about Design * Art * Film

Talk to  Tricia  about graphic design * design industry * sustainable

Talk to  Amanda about Pears * Pineapples * Peanuts

Talk to  Pixie about what you love * visual comms * us

Talk to  Monique  about make me LOL * eco innovation * graphic design

Talk to  Christopher about Marketing * Social Connect * Interactive Web

Talk to  Eunice  about Social Media * Animation * Google

Talk to  Jessica  about Art & Design * Culture * Anything!

Talk to  Coleman  about design * education * web/soc media

Talk to  Huimin  about design. * experience. * yourself.

Talk to  Sheng about technology * gadgets * music

Talk to  Geok Leng about Technology * Having Fun * Making friends

Talk to  Michelle about Politics * Psychology * Literature

Talk to  Jenny about social media * non profits * creative

Talk to  Howard  about Chess * Psychology * Education

Talk to  Sijie about Gastronomy * Psychology * Chemistry

Talk to  Lianglin about Music * Economics * Internet

Talk to  Muhammed about Food * Film * Friends

Talk to  Wendy  about Entertainment * creativity * global solution

Talk to  reynie about design * music * multimedia

Talk to  Jonathan  about What you do * Where u wanna b * What's next?

Talk to  Kuldeep about Technology * Religion * Simple Ideas

Talk to  Jeanine about design * ideas * beauty

Talk to  Soon Leong about Active aging * Hearing * Innovation

Talk to  Ralph about Ralph * GT Payment * Director

Talk to  arthur chin about Design * Design * Design

Talk to  yah leng about Design * Design * Design

Talk to  toshi about Design * Design * Design

Talk to  cheryl  about Design * Design * Design

Talk to  ty  about Design * Design * Design

Talk to  Emma about voluntary work * books film art * photography

Talk to  Danny about User Interface * Usability * User Experience


Talk to  Kaishi about Latin America * Greentech/stuff * Social ventures

Talk to  Anita about good TV * metaphysics * connecting dots

Talk to  Zihong about Business. * Economies. * You.

Talk to  Aaron about MoSync * Mobile Dev * Beer

Talk to  huie about social change * mobility * digital media

Talk to  Kum about mobile apps * social media * changing world

Talk to  Anung about French Comics * MilitaryHistory * Innovation

Talk to  Sufen about Sufen * Travel, Ideas * Photography

Talk to  Subramanian about Subramanian * Narayan * Singapore

Talk to  Titus  about education * creativity/inno * investments

Talk to  Anthony  about Linux * Audio * Philosophy

Talk to  Jurn  about Branding * Social Media * Design

Talk to  Xiuli about Excite yourself * Excite others * Xiuli

Talk to  Chris about Chris * Chris * Chris

Talk to  Aman about Marketing * Brand Managemen * Innovation

Talk to  Joselyn  about Filmmaking * creative ideas * inspirations

Talk to  Mariana about documentaries * short film * music

Talk to  JALAEIAN about Wireless Com. * Networking * OR

Talk to  Prashant  about Augmntd Reality * Social Innovatn * Travel

Talk to  Harriet  about Food * Traveling * Museums

Talk to  Yin  about science  * books * music

Talk to  Michael  about Greece * INSEAD * Fly & Skydive

Talk to  Thomas  about Robots * Internet * Toys


Talk to  Thomas about Web Development * Social Media * Anything

Talk to  Yu  about Design * Performance * Art

Talk to  Mohammed about Green Tech * Sociology * Technology

Talk to  Won about Google * Insead * Hello

Talk to  Hyung about Innovation * Human-Oriented * Make it Better

Talk to  Peiwen  about Social Research * Good Service * Asia

Talk to  Huiwen about Design * Technology * Innovation

Talk to  Haresh about Microenterprise * Rural education * Adventure

Talk to  Isabella  about Dance * Social Change * Life

Talk to  Yuan about environment * fashion * S.E.

Talk to  Damian about Design & Art * Technology * Networking

Talk to  Joshua  about Graphic Design * Web Design * Business

Talk to  Alan about marketing trend * data analysis * innovation

Talk to  Clarissa about advertising * illustration * travelling

Talk to  Manu  about Web 2.0 BM * TPM * Global MBA

Talk to  Charlotte about ideas * design thinking * storytelling

Talk to  William  about William * Innovation * Media & Mobile

Talk to  Tanneke  about biotech orgs * plans + systems * bird watching

Talk to  Robin  about aidha * aware * volunteer mgmt

Talk to  Vivek about Microfinance * Crowd Funding * SocialEnterpris

Talk to  Thibaud  about Resilience * Travelling * Photography

Talk to  Nishith about Cloud Computing * Web2.0 * Networking

Talk to  Denisa  about personal * genomics * web 2.0

Talk to  sharla  about Yoga * Love * Planet

Talk to  Paul about Astronomy * Photography * Physics

Talk to  Tom  about Small business * Tennis * Travel

Talk to  Brindamour about Design * Fashion * Travel

Talk to  Ping about social media * film, food * pop culture

Talk to  Nicholina about social media * advertising * pop culture

Talk to  Isman about Social media * Marketing * Theology

Talk to  Elisa about Marketing * Social media * music

Talk to  Patrick about education * automation * statistics

Talk to  Aaron about Aaron * Tay * Chee Hsien

Talk to  Catherine about Foreign culture * Creative ideas * Social projects

Talk to  Claudia  about Digital media * Starting up * CreatingContent

Talk to  Eric about Leadership * PracticeFreedom * Create Value

Talk to  Shah about new media. * single mothers. * uniqueness.

Talk to  Qianling about Advertising * Culture * Brilliant ideas

Talk to  Susan about Right Brain * Creativity  * Drawing

Talk to  Gareth about Social Concerns * Programming * Computers

Talk to  Elise  about Music * Arts * Animals

Talk to  Pavan  about Tech geek * FOSS fan * World Peace

Talk to  Henry  about Marketing * Travel * Kitesurfing

Talk to  Fadlullah  about raregas * sfera:ism * fadlullah

Talk to  Muhammad  about Being Random! * OOTB Marketing! * You!

Talk to  Mary  empathy * goodwill * kindness

Talk to  Jeanette about Marketing  * SocialResponsi * Creativity

Talk to  Noraisah about Marketing  * Retail * SocialEnterpris

Talk to  srinivasulu  about PRICE * PRODUCT * TO SMILE

Talk to  Jazz about InfoTech * Open Source * Google

Talk to  Dewi about my lifestory. * my work ethic. * you.

Talk to  Puneet about Technology * Design * Consulting

Talk to  calvin about You * I have an idea * Jack Russells

Talk to  Ziqi about travel stories  * entrepreneurism * your music

Talk to  Ken about Design * Lifestyle * healthcare

Talk to  Flora  about Flora *  * Media

Talk to  Hairunizam  about Social Media * Marketing * Public Relation

Talk to  Conor  about Cloud computing * Shared Services * IT

Talk to  Clayton about Building Energy * Sustainability * Engineering

Talk to  Lauryn about solar energy * chemistry * urban farming

Talk to  Sue  about Japanese * Gaming  * Dogs

Talk to  Sayanee  about sweska * creative junk * tech strategist

Talk to  Francois about Advertisement * Wellness * Community

Talk to  Sahil  about wind energy * rural India * mountaineering

Talk to  Alice about design * photography * fashion

Talk to  Melvin  about My hatred for * mozzies flying  * in your ear.

Talk to  Utsav about Railways * Consultancy * Embedded System

Talk to  Anjana about books * movies * music

Talk to  Gary about Challenges * Finance & Econs * Tour East Asia

Talk to  Wein about Design * Creativity * Impacts

Talk to  phuong  about technology * environment * business

Talk to  Arlene about Digital * Mobile * Social Media

Talk to  Janice about Social Media * Technology * Communications

Talk to  Madhu about Microfinance * Poverty * usefulGiftgivin

Talk to  Andy about Marketing * Smart Phones  * Comedy 

Talk to  Soohan  about Soohan * Soohan Han * Han

Talk to  Sherwin Chia about design+tech * psychology * your ideas

Talk to  Eileen Chan about Social Media * Art & Design * Technology

Talk to  Shikhar Chauksay about Shikhar * Chauksay * 

Talk to  Soohan Han about Tech Stuff * Food * Advertising

Talk to  Pasindu Hadunneththi about infrastructure * sustainability * policy

Talk to  Ben Wardle about Politics * Advertising * Art

Talk to  Abhiroop Basu about Google/Android * Scuba Diving * The Beatles

Talk to  Ian McKee about Social Media * TV on Mobile * Web Technology

Talk to  Peishan Chai about New media * Games  * Innovation

Talk to  Gemhl Cai about creative think * optimism * Travel

Talk to  Balaji Balasubramanian about IT * IT * IT

Talk to  How Hwa Teong about Innovation * Internet * Inspiration

Talk to  Ekio Poh about Inspiration * Leadership * Food

Talk to  leslie lim about LESLIE * Humanity * Compassion

Talk to  Zern Liew about Design Thinking * Biz Innovation * Empowerment

Talk to  Angelique N Thang about Art & Culture * Social Economy * EmergingMarkets

Talk to  Will Harvey about Education * Canada * Social issues

Talk to  Edwin Tan about Design * Sustainability * Idea

Talk to  ISABEL CHOW about Isabel ... * things which * matter to us.

Talk to  Glenise Lim about Glenise * Sports * Photography

Talk to  genevieve chia chia about design * ideas * culture

Talk to  Sam Cassels about STUFF * STUFF * STUFF

Talk to  Chuen Hong Lew about Making * A * Difference!

Talk to  Jean Thoreau-Yong about Experience * Design * Lifestyle

Talk to  Yun Peng Hoong about Branding * Art Appreciatio * Design

Talk to  Lit How Liang about Innovation * Village * Experience

Talk to  Michelle LIM about Fashion * Design * Food

Talk to  Lyn Tpj about PR/CSR * Public policy * Film and music

Talk to  Nitin Bharathy about you * innovation * India

Talk to  Deric Loh about Digital * Technology * Marketing

Talk to  Sheng Ho about technology * gadgets * music

Talk to  Jonlin Pei about Yourself * Design ideas * Singapore

Talk to  Bhavani Prakash about Environment * Change * Social Media

Talk to  Prakash Natarajan about Sustainability * Music * Technology

Talk to  Rajen Makhijani about Screenplays * Leadership * Strategy

Talk to  Prakash Somosundram about Social Media * Business * Collaboration

Talk to  Dan Korn about Technology * Food * ObliqueStrategy

Talk to  Dennis Kwan about Dennis * Training * Personal Dev.

Talk to  Aravinth Kumarasamy Kumarasamy about Aravinth K * Founder * sambaash

Talk to  Nathaniel Forbes about Resilience * Disasters * Emergencies

Talk to  Donny Soh about life * innovation * poverty

Talk to  Ross Veitch about www.wego.com * the media * colbert report

Talk to  Chew Lin Kay about Heritage * Chocolate * Humanism

Talk to  Liam McCance about Social Media * Marketing * Architecture

Talk to  Adam Gerard about Tiger Translate * Art & Design * Music

Talk to  James Norris about Social change * Social psych. * Yourlatestidea

Talk to  Ben van der Merwe about Your passions * What works * What doesn't

Talk to  Seline Chan about loft/shophouses * green fingers * music

Talk to  fiona tjhia about good design * sustainability * twisted things

Talk to  Suzanne Anderson about Crisis & Trauma * Strengths * Culture

Talk to  Vina Lay about Design * Knowledge * Life experience

Talk to  Su Min Sng  about cool videos * digital * good food

Talk to  mriz sidah about future  * art & design * humanity

Talk to  Hana Rhee about Development * Economist * Student of life

Talk to  Sanchit Chokhani about "Green" stuff * Business Ideas * Nepal

Talk to  Poh Kam Wong about entrepreneurshp * innovation * mentoring

Talk to  Jun Casa Santa about Market Research * Choices * Talk vs. Walk

Talk to  Mohamed Ali Fakih about Sustainability * Renewables * Water Treatment

Talk to  andrew seetoh about pretty things * the earth * life

Talk to  Ashok Murthy about Ashok * Ashok * Ashok

Talk to  Shwetank Sheel about Space * Technology * Connectivity

Talk to  Thomas Babu Thomas about Semantic Web * Social Media * Anything

Talk to  Honey Singh about Social Media * Blogging * Indian Cinema

Talk to  Venkatesh Pillai about Graphic Novels * Open Source * Architecture

Talk to  Huiling Huang about Music * Advertising * Social media

Talk to  Fadlullah Abdul Kadir about Creativity * Wealth * Gadgets

Talk to  Elizabeth Kernion about Sing's youth * Microfinance * Storytelling

Talk to  Shashank Sharma about Technology * Health * Sports

Talk to  Rajasekar Sundarrajan about Technology * Innovation * Money

Talk to  Christopher Fussner about Garments * Property Dev * Branding

Talk to  lynn visudharomn about pop Culture * art * new trends

Talk to  Nicha Suebwonglee about wellness * music * theater

Talk to  Karthikeyan Arun about Arun * Karthik * B

Talk to  Yi Qun Christopher Ngoi about Travelling * Food * Exciting Ideas

Talk to  neil cotton about Change * Media * communications

Talk to  Rahul Trehan about Mr * Rahul * Trehan

Talk to  Herry Basuki about Jurisprudence * A.I. * Aikido

Talk to  Andrei Gabriel Benghea-Malaies about ANDI  * BENGHEA-MALAIES * INSEAD

Talk to  Peter Chow about SIXROCKET * MAC * iPAD

Talk to  Griff Tripp about Hospitality  * Education * Learning

Talk to  Patricia Tripp about Training * Expectations  * Travel

Talk to  Kim Zeng about travelling * food+design * anything!

Talk to  Michael Lum about Michael Lum * self developmen * business

Talk to  Cuilin Yu about inspiring ppl * art and design * what you do :)

Talk to  Jack  Leow  about Jack Leow  * na * na

Talk to  Mark Kwan about Ideas * Innovations * Developments

Talk to  Gek Ling Christina Ng about Technology * Innovation * Entrepreneurs

Talk to  Jeffrey Seah about Product Designs * Green Tech * Smart Displays

Talk to  Sean Tan about Analytics * Opportunities * Life concepts

Talk to  Charles Cheong about Mobile Banking * Web Analytics * SaaS

Talk to  tracy joy phillips about flightsof fancy * music & mktg * pop up concepts

Talk to  may hsi about Substainablity * Population * environmental

Talk to  lee mathia about Religion * Health/Science * Culture

Talk to  Lawrence Lin about YOU!!! * Oversea Job Opp * SG GE

Talk to  Shyn Yee Ho about Hospitality * Travel * Business Ideas

Talk to  Jein Yi Tay about Business Ideas * Media * Healthcare mktg

Talk to  Weicheng Loh about Art * Design * Peace

Talk to  Bjorn Yeo about green+peace * tech+design * mix+not match

Talk to  Pavel Korshunov about Multimedia * Opportunities * Life Philosophy

Talk to  Judy Cheong about Charities * Environment * Ideas

Talk to  Huifen Zheng about martial arts * humanism * feminism

Talk to  Corinne Teng about Corinne * Media * Education

Talk to  Konstantin Strangas about WorkLifeBalance * Knowledge * Academia

Talk to  Kapoor Sneha about Sneha Kapoor * Kapoor Sneha * Sneha

Talk to  Danien Chee about games * games education * learning

Talk to  Jerome Joseph about Business * Branding * Brand Training

Talk to  Ramesh Theva about New Energy * Wireless Tech * Space Age

Talk to  Md Haikal Bin Abdul Razak about finance * biz strategy * entrepreneurshi

Talk to  dc wong about climate change * aristotle * you

Talk to  Eng Eng Wang about Wang Eng Eng * Anything you  * like to watch

Talk to  Giridhar Nayak about Cloud Computing * Communities * Spirituality

Talk to  Sasa Vucinic about venture philan * future of media * singapore

Talk to  Justin Barry about Justin * Patrick  * Barry

Talk to  Jeff Yeo about Dance * Entertainment * Food

Talk to  Mathieu Feulvarch about Technologies * Opportunities * Development

Talk to  Robin Pho about Oil & Gas * RenewableEnergy * Indonesia/Spore

Talk to  Sean Lee about Design * Arts * Innovation

Talk to  Rastogi Devashish about Green tech * Culture * China

Talk to  Yiping Goh about Innovation * Beauty of Life * Being yourself

Talk to  Daniel Ho Sheng about technology * gadgets * social media

Talk to  Foo HUp Wong about Wong * Foo * Hup

Talk to  Gavin Liu about films * marketing * technology

Talk to  Leonard Low about Music * Lifestyle * Technology

Talk to  Joyce Cuff about life issues * curiosity * ideas

Talk to  Puneet Mathur about Designs * Music * Technology

Talk to  Jessica Novellia Ng about Design & Media * Technology * Yourself

Talk to  Monica Jasuja about Just about * anything that * is interesting

Talk to  Peter Fleming about Helping poor * Transformation * Transmigration

Talk to  Nicholas Foo about anything random * cafes * the sky

Talk to  Clifford Jian Lun Teo about Business * Social Dynamics * your ideas!!

Talk to  Ross Stokes about Leadership * Centers * Venture Capital

Talk to  Patrick Hee about Patrick Hee * I Want to Help  * Connect People

Talk to  Samantha Wan about Samantha * Technology * Media

Talk to  Sau Ching Tham about Innovation * Creativity * Books

Talk to  Genevieve Marett about leadership * youth * positive impact

Talk to  Thierry Moschetti about cleantech * Incubation * Social investor

Talk to  Ranjan Roy about Ranjan Roy * INSEAD * MBA

Talk to  Zoran Begic about Efficient  * Creative * Education

Talk to  Peter Lau about Peter Lau * UST Technology  * Operations biz

Talk to  Alexey Titlyanov about MacOS, Unix * iPhone * Networks

Talk to  Kerry Lau about Kerry Lau * Your passion * Your ideas

Talk to  Michael Lim about Visual Effects * Animation * Tennis

Talk to  Andy Gurnett about photography * facilitation * 4-ball juggling

Talk to  Amy Hwan about food * travel * movies

Talk to  Mio Furukawa about Textiles * Experimental * Imaginative

Talk to  Michael Chen about Advertising * Social Media * Games

Talk to  Esther Teo about Books * E-Commerce * Cool stuff

Talk to  Judy Fleming about 8 UN MDG * Helping poor * Sustainability

Talk to  Sharon Meng about China Business  * Biodevice * Entrepreneur

Talk to  Joshua Chiang about Selling Ideas * Stay Focussed * Passion

Talk to  Teck Kwang Loh about Drum Circle * Quality * Facilitation

Talk to  Michael Arnold about news * finance * music

Talk to  Ankur Grover about Travel * Movies * Music

Talk to  Rendy Tan about Rendy Tan *  *

Talk to  Rijun Chokshi about Cloud Computing * Virtuzlizatioin * SOA

Talk to  Keerthi Prakash about Cloud Computing * Virtualization * SOA

Talk to  Saranya Ranganathan Ranganathan about Saranya R * Saran * Saranya Ranga

Talk to  Vijay kalangi about Vijay Kalangi * S/w Architect * KNOLSKAPE

Talk to  Raj Sambwani about Mobile services * Internet * Marketing

Talk to  Yuanxin Sun about innovation * career * life

Talk to  Melissa Lim about Internet * Generation Y * Business

Talk to  Weiwei  Li about Clean Tech * Social Media * Consulting

Talk to  Min Xuan Lee about startups * education * life

Talk to  Melissa Lim about Fashion/ Style * Food * China

Talk to  M. Ibnur Rashad B. Zainal Abidin about Technology * Gaming * Sustainability

Talk to  Jay Patel about Poverty * Technology * Public Speaking

Talk to  Dinesh Raju about Dinesh Raju * startups * technology

Talk to  Wei Yi Gan about Technology * IT Start-ups * Entrepreneur

Talk to  li-chuan chong about technology * entertainment * design

Talk to  Jane Mok Mok about Internet * Social Issues * Life

Talk to  Ishan Agrawal about ISHAN * ISHAN A * ISHAN AGRAWAL

Talk to  Chris Gomez about Angel Investing * Film Financing * Your Fave' Film

Talk to  Pui Kwan Lee about my shoes * barefoot runnin * cover music


Talk to  Grace Teo about Creativity * Entrepreneurs * Integration

Talk to  May Ying Ng about Energy * Change * Growth

Talk to  Khai Seng Hong about design thinking * education * your ideas! =)

Talk to  Eugene Low about business ideas * innovation * novelty

Talk to  Trevor Biller about Chilling out * Maxing * Relaxn all cool

Talk to  Tim Yeo about User Experience * Interaction D * Growing Biz

Talk to  Samer Choucair about Biz Incubators * VC * Entrepreneurs

Talk to  Andy Auyong about Idea->Actions * Learning better * Teaching better

Talk to  Zeoane Goh about digital ideas * integratedideas * marketing

Talk to  Christine Goh about Internet Biz * Internet Ideas * Travel

Talk to  Lynx Ng about you * and * me

Talk to  Jonathan Lee about Web Design * ENV Engineering * Yachting

Talk to  Audrey Tang about Film & TV shows * San Francisco * PR & Marketing

Talk to  Afrianny Adlan about travel * photography * anything!

Talk to  Shaun Koh about Synthesis * How people work * Reddit

Talk to  Bernise Ang about educatn innovtn * climate politix * social movemnts


When you've received a Confirmation-To-Attend email, do read the details and about 'stuff' you need to bring (and wear), because there will be interactive activities that we'll all participate in.  We advise you to arrive early to secure a seat.

If you do not see an email from us, check your spam box.  And if you do not find it, write to us at TEDunseen @ TEDxSingapore.sg 

Looking forward to a most TED-rific idea event :-)

The Curatorial team of 'TED Unseen'

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