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Who you'll meet in "The Future We Will Make"


Once again, amazing diversity and passions of everyone in Singapore's TED Community...

Unlimited opportunities for you to learn, share and connect... with people who love and value ideas...

Here's what you've written for your name tags:

Talk to Bernie about Design * Music * Food

Talk to Kok Koon about Sustainability * Human Energy * Culture

Talk to Richard about TEDxSingapore * DataVis * Mobile

Talk to Jean about FOOD * LIFE * ART

Talk to Geri about Chocolate * Communicating * Global-Nomadism

Talk to Eileen about Education * Events * Youth

Talk to Ming Liang about Fun * Happiness * You

Talk to Fabian about FrankGehry * Procrastination * Wikileaks

Talk to Ridzuan about technology * sustainable development * microcredit

Talk to Titus about creativity * education * children

Talk to Carolyn about TRUTH * Affectuate * Yes

Talk to Paul about B1G1 * Giving * WOW

Talk to Danon about Consulting * Education * Photography

Talk to Sayanee about Venture * Technology * Open

Talk to Elliot about education * venture * businessideas

Talk to Arjun about MDGs * TED * yourself

Talk to Coleman about design * education * technology

Talk to Ruiwen about hackerspacesg * education * tech

Talk to Benson about Entrepreneurship * IT * Finance

Talk to Nicolas about migration * development * entrepreneurship

Talk to Asher about Technology * Globetrotting * Microfinance

Talk to Cheryl about Healthcare * Technology * Handicraft

Talk to Mui Leng about Psychology  * Dogs * Cats

Talk to Allen about Healthcare * Development * Education

Talk to Mindy  about Biology * Conservation * Ideas

Talk to Khee Jin about Communication * Poverty * Children

Talk to Shiqi Joan about sustainability * sailing * medicine

Talk to Balaji about Happiness * Choice * Singularity

Talk to Jessica Lie about Opportunities * Progress * Design

Talk to Franck about Innovation * Passion * Education

Talk to Hajar about Strategies * Ethics * Sunshine

Talk to Alvin about Publishing * Academia * Teaching

Talk to Denisa about DIYbio * Fablabs * Low tech

Talk to Jacqueline about alchemy * laughter * adventure

Talk to Dabuek about Development * Technology * Business

Talk to Karen about Culture * Aikido * Japan

Talk to Mathia about Inequality * Life-quality * Advocacy

Talk to Simon about Energy * Empowerment * Governance

Talk to Rajat about Medicine * Resource * Optimization

Talk to Soon Leng about Books * Food * Travel

Talk to Sanjeev about Life * People * Community

Talk to Marion about Transformation * Excellence * Love

Talk to Annie about Living * Poverty * Politics

Talk to Yin Nah about Women in science * Peace * Silence

Talk to Caroline about innovation * children * nature

Talk to Genevieve about YOU * Your PASSION * Your Dreams

Talk to Venetia about inspiration * Sustainability * ideas

Talk to Ie Ling about health * opportunities * asia

Talk to Sin Ning about Blink  * Environment * Rotaract

Talk to Paul about anything * creative * art

Talk to Eric about BETTER * CHANGE  * NOW

Talk to Sumitra about Children * Play * Culture

Talk to Siddharth about technology * software * web

Talk to Wei Li about health * change * startups

Talk to benjamin about you * arts * love

Talk to Li Zhen about Education * Art * Spirituality

Talk to Charlotte about people * tourism * investment

Talk to Julaina about Social Equality * Empowerment * Advocacy

Talk to Fritz about CSR * Traveling * Start-ups

Talk to Debbie about migration * society * globalisation

Talk to Diana about Creative T-shirt design * Rehab * Travel

Talk to Bernise about climatepolitics * ethicalconsumption * educationinnovation

Talk to Rohan  about Renewable Energy * Spirituality and Science * International Trade and Investment

Talk to Shirley about sustainability * subsistence * dignity

Talk to Larry Vetea about Entrepreneurship * Innovation * Technology

Talk to James about Socialchange * Socialpsychology * Ethics

Talk to Thi about MDGs * Social Entrepreneurship * Universal Primary Education

Talk to Shankar about India * Technology * Tigers

Talk to Vivek about Healthcare Technology * Human Factors * Psychology

Talk to Shaun about Design * Journalism * Technology

Talk to Zhi Hao about Family * Electronics * Happy

Talk to Grace about Healthcare * Education * Sustainability

Talk to Alfred about Development * Cross-discipline * Change

Talk to Vadivu about Lorries * Happiness * CSR


Talk to Audrey about Music * Inner Peace * Writing

Talk to Viswa  about Communication * Education  * Responsibility

Talk to Inochi about Music * Freedom * Infinity

Talk to Fabien about Energy * Education * Religion

Talk to Abdul Halim about Music * Cricket  * History

Talk to anne-valérie about education * philanthropy * poverty eradication

Talk to Adrian about transportation * china * bootstrapping

Talk to Weiquan about HCI * Mobile * Problem-Solving

Talk to Rohan about Social Media * Digital Marketing * Internet

Talk to Lisa about Education * Activism  * Feminism

Talk to Shawn about Investments * Social enterprise * Reducing injustice

Talk to Thomas about Economics * Biology * Geography

Talk to Leslie about Engagement * Education * Community

Talk to Yosuke about IntellectualProperty * Backpacking * ScienceCommons

Talk to Elaine about eradicating poverty * empowering vulnerable communities * environmental sustainability

Talk to Julia about photography * coffee * music

Talk to Justine about Your * Innovative * Idea

Talk to Dahlia about McDonald's Breakfast Deluxe * Surfing * Watching movies online at work

Talk to Bhavani about Sustainability * Social Media * Change

Talk to Abby about Marketing * FMCG * China

Talk to Grace Yong Ying about Education * Children * Science

Talk to Antonio about Video * Machinima * Virtual Worlds

Talk to Adeline about PR * Media * Life!

Talk to Maggie about Community development * Integration * Self development

Talk to Ray about Energy * Food * Water

Talk to Pradeep about Emporio * Emporio * Emporio

Talk to Johannes about Religion * Education * Peace

Talk to pritam about PROGREEN * HEALTH * SANITY

Talk to Howard about Psychology * Education * Chess

Talk to Jawad about Peace * Sustainability * Love

Talk to Eugene about Bright * Green * Future

Talk to Shin Min about Environmentalism * Conservation * Sustainability

Talk to Clement about Urbanisation * Globalisation * Education

Talk to Ho about Human Potential * Education * Socioeconomics

Talk to Winnie about will * passion * vision

Talk to Mohd Sharil about Hunger * Poverty * Education

Talk to Mohammed Moinul about Extinction * Attitude * Water

Talk to huie about social media * food * literacy

Talk to Faris about Arts * Community * Creativity

Talk to Jeremy about Technology * Environment * Design

Talk to Ellen about Humanity * Belief * Perception

Talk to Lavanya about Environment * Education India * Batman

Talk to Shahid about Change * Future * Revolution

Talk to Zubi about Ideas * Creativity * Determination

Talk to Andy about Entrepreneurship * Self-Development * Parenting

Talk to Haraldur Már about Ideas * Future * Concepts

Talk to Mathilda about Innovation * Future * Globalisation

Talk to Shanta Danielle about making * ideas * matter!

Talk to Honey about Bollywood * Toronto * Politics

Talk to Dave about Writing * Film * Comics

Talk to Su-Ann about refugees * charities * drawing

Talk to Yvonne about Motion * Graphics * Design


Talk to Kenneth about Medicine * Technology * Orthopaedics

Talk to Todd Andrew about Interactive  * Video * Platforms

Talk to Audrey about Environment * Society * Self-Development

Talk to Zubaidah about MOTIOn * GRAPHICs * DESIGN

Talk to Shi Hui about The universe * Film Photography * Life

Talk to Mathura about Passion * Financial Markets * Credit instruments

Talk to Muhammad Shiddiq about Sid * Creation * Possibilities

Talk to Sandra about Development * Disability * Education

Talk to Erwin about Science * Technology * Design

Talk to June about Ideas * Purpose * Difference

Talk to Coen about Public Speaking * Education * New Ideas

Talk to Kuldeep Reddy about Inspiration * Success * Technology

Talk to Jose about education * environment * children

Talk to Subramaniam about Education * Dignity * Poverty

Talk to Herbert about photography * more photography * even more photography


Talk to Andy Prima about Robotics * Faith * Engineering


Talk to Sangeetha about humanrights * internationallaw * trafficking

Talk to Rahul about Poverty * Entrepreneurship * Empowerment

Talk to Jason about Music * Tech * Life

Talk to Chin Yen about Design Thinking * Architecture * Creativity

Talk to kingshuk about biology * graphene * bio-startups

Talk to Monique about storybook * alchemist * mingalabar

Talk to Vivien about Psychology * Counselling * Children

Talk to Lee Fan about you * community * ideas

Talk to Pui Kwan about running * bikila * film

Talk to Pierre about Pharma * MBA * Insead


Talk to Paul about Poverty * Research * Enterprises

Talk to Dan about Golf * Tennis * Charity 

Talk to Enjiao about your story * behavioural economics * the future we will make

Talk to Marcellus about Opportunity * Passion * Innovation

Talk to Joyce about Ms. * Joyce * Lee

Talk to Wan Ying Mindy about Music * Education * Environmentalism

Talk to Nagarjuna about Naga * Naga * Naga

Talk to Cedric about social-impact * solar-thermal-energy * bottom-of-the-pyramid

Talk to Patricia about Non-profit * SocialEntrepreneurship * Microfinance

Talk to zsa zsa about hedonism * humour * hats

Talk to Lu Lin about talent * science * religion

Talk to Chen Hong about Healthcare * Happiness * Relations

Talk to Nurshafawati about yourself * television * projects

Talk to Jiapei Victoria about equality * education * environment

Talk to Anna Ka Wai about Creator * Adaptor * Hmmm...

Talk to Syafiq about Filmmaking * Design * Special Effects

Talk to Gaurav about debate * anything * students

Talk to Claudia about Advertising * Movies * Entrepreneurship

Talk to Huiyi about Design * Movies * Music

Talk to Katie about IntegrativeThinking * CulturalHeritage * MBA

Talk to Kang Long Trex about Education * Technology * MDG

Talk to kimsia about entrepreneurship * psychology * analytics

Talk to Wei Hao about Education * Technology * Career

Talk to Debbie about Education * Technology * Career

Talk to Chua about Probabilities * Possibilities * Plausibilities

Talk to Farah about Gender equality and empower women * Environmental sustainability  * Kashmir politics

Talk to Serene about Motivation * Psychology * Education

Talk to Asilah about empowerment * hope * change

Talk to Inn Liang about dreaming * sleeping * wandering

Talk to Victoria about education * environment * equality

Talk to Badi about Marketing * Advertising * Technology

Talk to Ryan about Failures * Entrepreneurship * Hobbies

Talk to John about Trading * Investment * FinancialFreedom

Talk to Wendi about Microfinance * Environment * Risk Management

Talk to Erwin about environment * CSR * capitalism

Talk to shenny faith about Design  * Entrepreneur * Creativity

Talk to Wan Wisani about Children * Health * Poverty

Talk to Choo about Design * Biomaterials * Networking

Talk to Weiquan about HCI * Collaboration * Problem-Solving

Talk to Yinghan about Consumer * Engagement * Business

Talk to Mingfei about Mingfei * Technology * Microsoft

Talk to Ie Khing about Computer * Programming * Photography

Talk to Satrughan about Technology * Education * MDG

Talk to Christopher about Travel * Food * Ideas

Talk to Wee Na about Movies * Media * Design

Talk to Dave about Your Idea * Worth * Spreading


Talk to The World About The Future We Will Make (We will LIVE Simulcast us to the world including to Singapore)


(PS: This is not a live list of attendees.  if you do not see your name here, it does not mean that you are not on the registration-invitation list)


When you've received a Confirmation-To-Attend email, do read the details and about 'stuff' you need to bring, because there will be interactive activities that we'll all participate in that will be simulcast live globally. 

Building security will NOT allow you the enter the venue unless you have PRE-REGISTERED your NRIC/photo ID AND have received an confirmed e-mail invitation from us (sending out from 22 Sept onwards).  

If you do not see an email from us, check your spam box.  And if you do not find it, write to us at TEDxChange @ TEDxSingapore.sg 


We're looking forward to a most TED-rific idea event :-)

The Curatorial team of TEDxSingapore

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