Our content partner, The National Library of Singapore has highlighted several books and resources for you to enjoy,  in conjunction with Global TED Women and TEDxSingapore Women. Check these links out and go down to the libaries and check them out (literally)...

The equality illusion : the truth about women and men today / Kat Banyard.

URL: http://eservice.nlb.gov.sg/item_holding_s.aspx?bid=13602371

The noughtie girl's guide to feminism / Eleanor Levenson.

URL: http://eservice.nlb.gov.sg/item_holding_s.aspx?bid=13218802

Caldera : a woman's story / Anne Yero.

URL: http://eservice.nlb.gov.sg/item_holding_s.aspx?bid=13345577

Women, work & the art of savoir faire : business sense & sensibility / Mireille Guiliano.

URL: http://eservice.nlb.gov.sg/item_holding_s.aspx?bid=13227829

The risk takers: 16 women and men share their entrepreneurial strategies for success / Renee and Don Martin.

URL: http://eservice.nlb.gov.sg/item_holding_s.aspx?bid=13602862

Making it: Women entrepreneurs reveal their secrets of success / Lou Gimson and Allison Mitchell.

URL: http://eservice.nlb.gov.sg/item_holding_s.aspx?bid=13113932

Women on top: How women entrepreneurs are rewriting the rules of business success / Margaret Heffernan.

URL: http://eservice.nlb.gov.sg/item_holding_s.aspx?bid=13062770

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50th anniversary : To kill a mockingbird:


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