We asked you to write down your

Dreams of the Future and Wishes for the World

and launch them as paper airplanes...

Here are your Wishes and Dreams...


My dream is that there will be no world wars forever      

?I dream to have a world of unique individuals of change agents!

Abundance of great ideas!!!       

?I wish for a better place for one and all       

?I dream of a united world genuinely concerned about the world we live in. 

My wish is for love peace and happiness everyday, everywhere for everyone    Tommy Cho-Liu    ?

I dream to see all the beautiful things in the world, I wish for all to love each other       

?We'd be empowered, encouraged to work together and design for good    Ryan    26

?I dream that gay people are a non-issue and 337a is repealed in Singapore.  Love is all that matters in the end.    Chor Pharn    37

?Youth all around the world will feel empowered to make a difference no matter how big or small    Jian Le    19?

Peace and happiness for all    Samridhi Lodha    18?

Grow up to be rich and happy, and to have world peace     NingXin    15?

For everyone to understand that happiness is within reach       

?Eradicate extreme poverty.  1.4 billion people have under US$1.25 a day and the richest 10% of the world own more than the GDP total of countries.    Amelia    22

?I dream to stop all fights and wars in the world! The world needs peace!    A youth    16

?Everyone lives their lives to the fullest, inspires others and contributes significantly to the world.    Dominic Soh    25?

All people will have a slide of bread a day at least and my wish for world is peace, peace, and peace.    Rashaie Lodha    43?

A world where people will have access to good healthcare and schooling. A day when all will have access to opportunity.    Pala   

?I dream of a day when everyone finds a place for themselves, to contribute to each other, to one another, to themselves.  A day when your everyday is your new and favourite day.  To make everyone around you happy, to make yourself happy.    Albert    2 days to 23, but 18 for eternity.

?I dream that we have the capability to transcend whatever conflicts we have at the personal, social and government levels through heartfelt dialogue based on compassion and empathy       

?My wish for the world is to find a way to deal with our environmental crisis        ?

My dream for the future is for every child to be given the choice to do what they want to do with their lives. 

My wish is for everyone to treat the physical world as they do their loved ones.    Haresh Tilani    26?

People find their purpose, flow into peace and create communities of hope and inspiration    Deb    40

?Clean world, no fights, equality, advanced civilisation as people!    Sanaya    13

?For every person in the world to have access to education.    Jackie They    ?

My dream is to make everyone happy and joyful,  My wish is to end world poverty and have world peace, FOREVER!    Natalie Ang    11?

For all to live as one and for world peace    Germaine    22

?A world where people care about the environment, other people, and to do things better.     P.Y. Low    20?

Peace! Smile! LOVE! Family! Friends! Cover the world before it covers you!    Melvin Koo    22?

There will be more creative advertising, local TV shows and films that are interesting and a Singapore culture that isn't so hung up about the 'paper chase'    Dexter Tay    20?

A world where conflict is contained, where people wielding power actually think about far-reaching, wide-reaching impacts of their actions, and not just for their own needs or that of the small group around them.  Let love rule this world        ?

To find my place in the world that allows me to contribute. That all children have access to good education, that there are not 'failing' schools        ?

"I dream of more fun!?I wish that there is peace and harmony and no gangsters around!"    Tara Toh    9+?

a world of smiles    May Anne   

?The world lives in freedom from fear       

?I wish and hope that the world will realize that Art is just as important as Science and Mathematics and place more importance on it.    Fang Jia Yii    14

?"To be a capable and independent woman whom my parents can be depend on and be proud of. ?A world with freedom of speech, freedom of expression, no oppression or dictatorship"       

?"I dream to be a policewoman.?I wish that there is always justice. Money doesn't always work.?I wish I could travel around the world and learn something new!"    Nor Arissa    12?

Able to do what I enjoy with my loved ones in a world where wars are/will not be fought with sticks and stones    hiippy    19?

A responsible world. A world to believe in, with people to believe in. To be sincere, not cynical.To empower, not destroy.    Richmond Lee    16?

My dream is to be successful in life    Nur Iffa    12?

Wish to be a happy and contented person    Jian Zhang    21?

To be happy everyday. I wish for equal rights for one and all    Chng Wei Qiang    17?

"My dream for the future is that the world is a world of love + excellence? And people expand their potential far + wide"    Sandelyn    33

?"Concern and care for the common people. Respect for ALL regardless of age, social, capital status.?Peace in each individual and each community. Tolerance for diversity."    Mohamed Hafiz    40

?a place where people are people, again.    C.S.   

?Free as freedom.        ?To bring people together         ?

"Singapore the next fashion capital. Every child has the right for education, food and healthcare.?Everyone to live their dreams, everyday with passion and drive. Stay positive."    Dionna Chia    17

?Not worry about can't see animals I like. Kids can enjoy nature, food like I used to.    U.W.    ?

Good, noble ideas, suggestions are accepted regardless of who we are.    Roieta   

?That everyone make his dream(s) alive.    Franck    39?

That my girls inherit a better world. Mutual respect and open borders.    Heather    30?

That we will seek to and understand one another regardless of race, nationality and religion.    Gary Kua    24

?For the world to advance globally in both scientifical and economical aspects, and for citizens of Earth to be happy.    Daryl Lil    15?

My dream for the future is to become a soccer player and my wish for the world is that everybody would be friendly, kind and helpful to everyone.    Muhammed Amzath    10?

I wish for a world where there is symbiotic co-existence and a harmonious environment where all living beings are truly enabling life to be cherished on earth.    Ramnath    25

?Love. Peace. Joy.    Vee    ?

Mankind is evolved. We deeply care and nurture each other. Money is redundant. Everything is available. And each person takes only what they need. The competition is not among people, races or countries. We compute only with ourselves, to better ourselves and provide the support to others to better themselves and lead fulfilling and evolved lives. Our planet is healed.    Jessica Dang    48?

Love. Honesty. Happiness. Simple things in life. Those who mind, don't matter. Those who matter, don't mind.    Ming    30?

My dream for a better future where there is equality and a common wish for peace and equality.    F.W.W.S.    19?

A world with EMPATHY.    Zhixiu Koh    26?

My dream for the future is to live to see Earth transformed into a Utopia.    James Norris   27 going on 50 going on 12?

The world of non-country. Everyone can travel all the world and enjoy with the different culture.        ?More enlightened people, who are more in-tuned with who they really are. Planet Earth properly taken care of. Responsible people.        ?

Change the world by serving and commitment.       

?To be happy. End poverty. World peace, may all be well and happy.    Phionna    13?

World peace! No more poverty! No hunger! Basic Education for Everyone!     Delia    19?

A world that is "Ownership free" and people count their "contribution, volunteered projects". A different mindset that we are just managers. Temporarily, of what we have, but not a eternal owner.    Adrian Koh Fe Phon    25

?Empowered children feeling integrated and interconnected with the world, with the courage and compassion to leave the world a better place they found it.    Min Xuan    23?

Love people, think right, be good.        ?

Dream for happiness & Prosperity    Hidayah    16

?"Dream: To be happy!?Wish: Be satisfied with what everyone has!"    Cheryl    19

?My dream is our not-so-distant future as a part of the world community is:  An end to violence, hunger, and disease. And educational opportunities for everyone who wants to learn.    Sudesh    47?

My wish is to become a research in the medical field. I want to help contribute to eradication of disease, to help produce cheaper/more accessible medical protocols to help as many people as I potentially can!        ?

"- For terrorism, piracy, rougue nations to all disappear *poof*?- For the crazy spending in military, arms and defence to go down.?- For the crazy research budget for armed goods to go down?- For individuals to have the moral courage to do what is right."    G    19?

I wish  that the world can live together harmoniously. Be more interconnected and no longer be judged by appearance. I wish that everyone lives happily ever after! My dream is to be a fashion designer and grace events during fashion week        ?

I want to keep learning the History of the world! I hope there will be a female president in Singapore in the future    Kimberly Quek    16

Every child is happy. People stop fighting    Shafa    24

?No more scholarships with band periods....        ?

"My dream is to work @ The Hershey Company ?My wish for the world is for everyone to dare to make dreams come true"        ?

Each child could grow up with a PET!        ?

Spreading the Gospel to the World and the World trust in Jesus as Saviour before Christ returns        ?

A tolerant world. Forgive and Forget.    Mohammed    24?

Give everyone a chance to shine in their own way."    Rui De    18?

"Dream - where people do not divide themselves according to religion & race, and see that they are so much more in commonth with each other.?More empathy for each other."    Yan jie    25

?"Now everybody can fly - yes we can!??Innovative + Creativity + ideas + believe + courage = success"    Sean    ?

Paint every house purple    Tara    6?

Youths are happily chasing their dreams with full confidence and no restrictions    Ray    24?

Dreams for the future would be that everyone should take initiative to achieve what they want. Chase for the dreams and hope everyone is happy and no one is in poverty    Mohammad Ahshik    14?

Where we are not afraid and have the courage to turn our dream to reality, to tell others that we love them    Diana    ?

Wish the world to be a more peaceful place where the kids all around the world are guided on the right path. Where they are shown the picture of a colorful world (bright, happy, vibrant colors, happiness, kindness, love, faith, friendship)    NS    40?

Inspire, challenged daily, happiness, wellness, dream, health, family and friends, passion, peace    Yasmine    25?

To be continuously driven by passion & the belief that all knowledge is inter-connected. Never limit your capacity to learn. A world where every kid get a chance to be educated, greater harmony & world. PEACE!    Peter Sin    ?

Everyone will have the courage to do what they believe in.

Dream: Everyone can fold paper airplanes THAT CAN FLY!        ?

Everybody will believe that everything is possible        ?

"Dream for the future: That all will know the truth?Wish for the world: Peace, food and shelter for all"        ?Infinity       

?"A world in which citizens of the world are empowered by a common purpose, with no influence from corporation and government. A world where frameworks exists for self organizing groups and ideas survive on their own merits. a world where poverty, hunger and malnutrition, disease, and education are solved by collective, concentrated efforts and governments and profit making corporations are irrelevant.?My wish is for this movement to begin with empowered children"    Alam    37?

World Peace       

?"dream for the future, wish for the world?listen, engage, empower, embrace"        ?

my dream for the future is for people to change their point of view they see children    wen hong    13

?I dream to be a successful person by helping the community in the future! I wish there will not be any world wars in the world    muhammad hazwan    12

?"Eradication of poverty, enslavement, prejudice, ?cures for cancer & all diseases?, compassion for the people around us?, harness the power of technology for the good & not use it for evil, means ?love for self, love for all, ?respect for all humankind and animals and the environment"    kenny   

?"I dream that the world would be a better place in the future :) ?I wish that there would not be any child in the world be in hunger or sadness"    khalisah md hafiz    12


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