Global TEDxYouth Day 2012: Dream It, Live It, Share It!

Saturday 17 Nov 2012

We asked you:

Why do you want to attend TEDxYouth Day?

This is what you said...


We the youth are full of creative and innovative ideas that have the ambition to solve the worlds pressing issues

It would be fantastic to hear what other young people have to offer and have created to help the local and global community.

It is a very rare and special event that on one day unites the youth that would be a once and lifetime experience

 There really is no such event like this and therefore it would be great to see what it is all about

I will be able to learn from others and gain valuable perspectives and knowledge


Allow me to become a more educated world citizen


I love listening to people's stories and theories.



I attended the 2011 event and it is a wonderful eye opener and inspiration for me

I have been a fan of TED talks for years and they never fail to get me thinking about life as we know it.

It opens me to new insights and allows me to look at issues in ways I have never seen before.

I also love being inspired and motivated.


I believe that TEDxYouth Day will be a day that will make a big difference in my life, bringing out something in me that I might not even know I have.


To quote the Muppet Show,
"just like the lovers, the dreamers and me"



What makes TED so special is that it is a valuable example of how a group of ordinary, everyday people can come together with such energy and passion to make great things happen.


Having such a diverse group of participants on board at each session really makes a world of difference, with each of them so talented in their own way and displaying so much love and joy in the things they do.


I may meet other passionate and intelligent youths, and that we will be able to exchange our thoughts, ideas and passions, and hopefully, collaborate with on projects that can help the world in whatever tiny ways.


TED has been a great source of inspiration for me. It has greatly expanded my worldview, introduced me to often new and disruptive ideas in the marketplace and in the world, and helped to understand what shaped the world today, and the role we can play in shaping the world in the future.

TEDx would be a great source of knowledge, happiness and honor for me

I would love to network with like minded people and will bring and spread the word about TEDx.



Meet brilliant youths who aspire to be more than they can be.

Be revitalized and inspired by those who have something to share as speakers.

I have always found the opinions and views shared on the TED website extremely thought-provoking and insightful. Hence, it would be an honor to be part of a similar event

To explore young adult's potential.

To learn about new ideas, meet new people, make a difference.

I believe my dream is something worth pursuing and achieving


I want to be part of helping somebody else's dream come true as much as I want mine to.

TED brings together the greatest thinkers in the world and often the youth get left out of it because they do not have the resources to get their ideas out there and heard by others. I think TEDxYouth Day is a fantastic place to do just that.

I would like to meet people that have passion and empathy to make Singapore an even more awesome place to live in.

I would really want to meet more people & learn more about their amazing ideas!


Because I attended last year's event and it was awesome, so i want to go again.

The topics are always varying so it helps to get a fresh perspective.


Some people say I am shy to meet new people. Perhaps that's true, but I like to keep myself introverted. I don't particularly enjoy loud gatherings. But being introverted means that I lose out on many opportune moments to connect to others and be part of a wider experience. TEDxYouth, like what it says at the top, aims to bring youth "together to express their ideas, talents and work towards a better future." I'd like to bring my own mindset and share it with everyone else there. So for once, I'll go all out and join strangers like me in this communal event.

It is a great platform where one can experience a blast of fresh air to his mind through speakers that engage and challenge the attendees to really think beyond the box.

Enrich through experiences and learn new things

Life is about taking learning into a whole new level and I'm also excited to get more knowledgeable.

I have been very inspired by TED Talks. I am very excited to get myself exposed and sit in for the live presentation instead of just watching it from a screen :)

 TEDxYouth Day will be an excellent tool and platform for dialogue and independent thinking.


This will be the place to share and receive ideas and to mold our dreams together.

One of my good friends, will be speaking and I'd like to support her as well as to listen to what others are saying.


I think it'll be interesting to see how the young attendees react: Will they nod with understanding or be wide eyed with inspiration or be sitting in the back catching up on sleep?


I'm very interested to see youths of my nation coming together to share ideas with one another and see just what we are made up of!

 I hope to be able to attend this talk to broaden my perspectives on local/world issues and interact with youths from different parts of Singapore.


Above all, it would be perfect time to know and share interesting ideas on how to make a difference not only to the people around us, but also our country, and on an international scale.


I am a young guy, wanting to make a difference!

My dream is to spread the thoughts or ideas to public, no matter how hard it is .


Thought is the thing which distinguish human with animals, therefore, the spread of different kinds of thoughts can not only make our voice heard, but also inspire people's thinking.



I remember clearly one speaker who really inspired me. Her name is Adora Svitak and she has encouraged me to really speak up and express my opinions to others. When I saw what she could do, it made me feel much more confident about myself and I really do wish to be inspired by more speakers at the TEDxYouth Day 2012



I want to see what other people are doing to make the world better.

I want to be like my Daddy and make things better for people and for nature.



To meet more like-minded individuals and hopefully, gain the opportunity to share and exchange ideas and perspectives.



I think I may find some inspiration and have a clearer picture of how to achieve the dream I mentioned above, to make positive changes to the world. I would like to find out how am I be able to do that. If I am not able to now, I would like to learn what should I learn or equip myself with in order to do that.

I want to know what are the skills and characteristic we must have in order to always hold our dream and I want to know when facing difficulties, when we should press on and when we should stop wasting time and find a new way out, in other word, the difference between perseverance and stubbornness.

Never attended before. Watched a lot of TED. Want to see and feel in person this event locally.


To listen, to learn and participate.



I would like to ensure that I maintain a connection to the generation that will inherit what I (hopefully) am able to build for them.

To find out what other youths have to say, especially the younger ones.

 I have been working with youths for the past 4 years and it is my passion.

I wish to have the opportunity to listen to what today's youths have to say about living in Singapore.

I hope that I am able to bring the inspirations which I gathered from the event back to my colleagues who are working with youths and most importantly, to the youths who I work with.

To share my experience of finding my dream and how I stuck to it despite various temptations to do otherwise and in turn encourage our youths to find and pursue their dreams.

A good friend of mine is speaking at the event and I would love to be there to surprise and support her.


I don't know who else in Singapore who are youths have great ideas to do great/simple things that will be impactful. I'm sure there are, and these individuals must have been inspired by TED


While I am beginning to start projects of my own, I am looking for others as inspiration and opportunities for collaboration, maybe even joining them, just seeking out like-minded individuals who are passionate about contributing well to this society. I want to meet them because I feel ready to meet these other people, that I am open enough to take in these ideas together 

I am hoping to find stimulating conversations with other individuals, perhaps even find other causes to rebel with for.

I am hoping this is where my idealism can meet with a dose of reality, catch fire and have something greater emerge from this.

Hope that it will makes me become a better person.


Pique my interest and curiosity, especially regarding the issues on how we learn, medicine without borders, numbers at play, space and much more!

 Gives me so much room for different forms of discussion and mental stimulation.


 l can be inspired to be a better-informed and wiser youth that can make positive influences on other people.

To be exposed to even more ideas and make more friends.

I want to be inspired.


I want to see what my peers have managed to accomplish and what they have contributed to Singapore, or even the world.

I want to have the opportunity of meeting these brilliant minds.


To have the opportunity to substantially contribute to the causes I deeply believe in.


I also believe that seeing concrete actions these people have taken would inspire to start looking around me and see what I can do.



To experience a larger world. Broaden my mind and share my ideas



I am a very receptive person toward new ideas and always feel thrilled when hearing them.  In my tedious curriculum that strictly defined by unchanged daily routine, meeting those brilliant ideas is my way to take a step back and think about the way things work.





I have realized that studying is not all about digesting the knowledge that is spoon-fed by teachers; it is also about internal reflection and reviewing the knowledge and its applications as a whole. TED talks suggest a way to find new possibility and to consider widely accepted common sense from another angle. This unconventional thinking process triggers a series of integration of scattered knowledge in my head, and I always find it fascinating.


I would like to attend this event to gain new experiences and obtain different ideas.

I would like to be inspired to find out more about my potential and my abilities to develop my future and a better future for Singapore.


Because I want to learn. How can I innovate without hearing the creative process of others first?


TED is a melting pot of ideas where creativity blossoms.

Who knows, this could plant the seed for my life-changing research!

(Refer to Steven Johnson's Where good ideas come from on TED)



I want to make friends. My dream to be a researcher is not a path I can complete on my own. With friends along the way, there's no need to be on the shoulders of giants, if we build our platforms to the heavens, supported by the bedrock of camaraderie.



Not many things are more exciting than having young people come together and share how they think they can make the world a better place, no?




I am looking forward to meet young, inspiring and inspired people, who like myself are curious about the modern world and cherish their passions.


I would like to experience the Singaporean culture and learn more about the country – I come from Poland and came here for an internship. And there is no better way to doing that than listening to what people have to share and what they find important.


I hope to gain knowledge on helping my community and I hope TEDxYouth can help me understand more about the possible ways to do so. Through this event, I hope to learn more about myself and how I can maximise my strengths in order to fulfil my aspirations.


To be able to be part of a larger community that builds and shares ideas with each others also allows for me to build social capital and simultaneously use ideas as a catalyst to bring about change to the people around me.

I believe in the sharing of dreams so that others may, together with us, fortify its integrity.

 It just boils down to the joy and anticipation of being able to hear from other like-minded individuals that somehow reinforces the will we have in us to keep going.


I am keen to find out more about other people’s ideas.

New ideas, small or big, are hard to find nowadays.


I have recently been introduced to TED by a friend, and it is probably the most amazing thing that I learnt about this year.


TED opens up my mind to so many great ideas and deepens my understanding of the world greatly. I've been addicted to TED ever since. I watch at least one TED video a day.


I want to learn from the speakers: their enthusiasm, passion, dreams ...

I wish to experience first-hand to improve myself and speak confidently in front of a large audience.



I would like to meet and interact with like-minded people, who are also passionate about seeing and making a difference...

To discover the strengths and ideas that our community has to offer, so that I would be able to tailor my efforts to giving the best I can offer to the world, in tandem with what others have to offer.


To be inspired. To be surrounded by ideas.



I want to meet.. those who may not share the same views as me, so I may broaden my perspectives.



I have a passion in me, a fire that's burning wildly, a heart that loves to speak with wisdom.

Deep down inside me, the joy to inspire others to make a difference overwhelm me.



As a past TEDxYouth speaker in 2011, it's always a job to return back to this space and celebrate the diversity and greatness of youths. I'd love to give back and also make more new friends whom I know will be up to amazing things.



This will be a great opportunity for me to be inspired and motivated to follow my dreams and work hard to contribute to society.

I have been a loyal follower of TED talks. My English teacher had introduced TED to us in an effort to expand our knowledge of the world, and the importance of creativity. Ever since, I have been hooked on the many accomplishments, plans and life journeys shared on TED.


 I would like to attend this event to meet like minded individuals and share ideas for a better Singapore, a better society and a better tomorrow.

I feel that the talks showcased have much relevance to my life. To me, there is always room for improvement.

TED has been renowned all over the world for their dedication to spreading innovative ideas to people all around the globe.

The ideas I would be exposed to could be invaluable as it could help shape a better me as I learn from these people.

 TEDTalks have been educational and have empowered me knowledge to be more successful (eg. Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes by Richard St. John, The self-organizing computer course by Shimon Schocken).

I will be empowered with knowledge that can make a difference in my life!


I would love to be exposed to various fascinating ideas of youths of the same or similar ages as me.

I will like to meet people from different fields of work and interests


Partnerships are my passion & they are very important because as they say, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". Bringing together youth with different resources and skills can help us collectively make a greater impact.


Through attending TEDxYouth, I hope to encounter young talent for potential collaborations. I also wish to meet youth who have made a significant impact in the community and can be a role model for many of us to follow.



It is an event for youth. It's an event where you get to be inspired and to inspire. An event where people from different schools, classes, age will be there. Who knows? A new opportunity will arise. A new idea will arise.



I am sure that their life stories and experiences will inspire me and give me the extra push that I need to bring the best out of myself.


To listen and to be inspired


TED is all about sharing and collaboration, and about celebrating the human spirit.


I hope to be a part of creating, developing, and contributing to this community in ways that can improve lives and benefit humanity.


Many people have many different creative ideas. What they see Singapore to be today and in the future, their ideals about life, what kind of dreams that they have.


And when people come together to discuss the ideas that they have, it creates a fertile ground for ideas to grow together.


I want to be part of the community where people come together and share about their passion for life or anything that matters.

I want to meet other youth out there and get to know their thoughts and viewpoints on various topics.

I want to be able to share my experiences and knowledge, and learn from others too.


I hope to join some in their cause, as perhaps they would mine, and head towards creating a difference, big or small, in the world around us.



Oh, and did I mention that I want to make friends there too? (:


TED aligns with my dreams.


Being a musician here in Singapore, I'm always looking for interesting developments in the creative scene.

I want to expand my thinking and basically listen to others



I believe that if we constantly involve ourselves in the deliberate act of contemplative conversation, we can grow a lot in terms of aspects of thinking, paradigm shift or not.

I think this is a good avenue for me to learn and be exposed to so many new ideas out there that I am still unaware of.

As a student, I would love to hear and see what other youths around my age have in mind.

Really have a feel of what passionate youths feel about Singapore and the world.

As a grassroots leader and an aspiring social entrepreneur, I see a need to grab every opportunity to learn from different people from diverse backgrounds


I need motivation.



The sharing of ideas by like-minded youths will inspire me to take on mammoth tasks to make an impact in the future of communication.

I would like to hear how these youths were inspired and bring back these stories to inspire and motivate my own students.

I am currently working on a project for a foundation to better understand the cultural diversity of Singapore, so I am sure I can gain many insights through the smart people I will interact with at the event.


Someone i know has a similar dream and a different way to do it.

He is speaking, i want to be there to listen.


I can allow that fire in me to burn even brighter


(it's not easy to ensure that the flame you feel towards your dreams, your passions, won't be blown out by the society that we live in- an increasingly competitive society where it sometimes seems so hard to find ourselves, where many don't understand what meaning their lives hold).


To walk out burning with passion and determination.



I am also curious to know how dreams have been achieved by many of the speakers.



I feel that the event will empower me to take on greater risks and challenges and how to approach those things.

I want to be inspired by the speakers and find out how I can take my leadership as a youth leader to a whole new level.


I always watch TED talks at home. Now, it is time for me to experience a live TEDx event.


To listen togreat ideas envisioned by youths in Singapore


To give me new insights on how am I able to achieve my little dream.


I hope I can discover talent in me


To open the window of new ideas and perspectives into my life.

[  ]


I believe it is an excellent marketplace where ingenious ideas and thoughts are shared.

So that I can make my dreams a reality.

I want to hear about others' ideas, I want to be inspired and I want to feel a difference being made.

I have been a fan of TED since forever.


I would like to listen to the stories of those who step out of their comfort zones, to try new things, to take their leap of faith.  I'd like to know what motivates them, what drives them.


I want to see my dream happening.


I would to interact with other passionate youths in singapore and be part of the community to share.


I want to meet other youths who have ideas and perspectives different from my own so that I would be able to understand the different views that people hold out there in the world.


At the same time it would be beneficial to meet people whom hold the same values and believes as I do and work on issues instead of just being someone who talks about great ideas but takes no action.


I would also like to hear the other issues that concern others that may not have struck me as important and learn more about it from them.


Do my part as an agent of change in the world.

I would like to meet people who also hold a strong passion for their ideas as these are a rare breed indeed. I have much to learn from them as they do from me.

To learn more, grow more; to share and to exchange ideas.


TEDxYouth 2012 is where a circle of young intellects from a myriad of backgrounds, rally together to share their different beliefs and opinions about the pressing issues the world and our nation faces at hand.

 I, for one, would like to share my own thoughts about a certain set of complications, as well as learn from those others whom I presume will have varying stands on the topics.



I would like to greatly broaden my own horizons, and receive constructive criticism and suggestions on how to live my dreams.

Through this event, I hope I will be able to contribute directly, if not indirectly, to the future generation of great minds.


I would like to know how the dreams of others materialize, what made them decide that this is "The dream" for themselves. As of now, I am not quite sure if what I want is suitable for me. Most of all, I do not quite know which path to take in order to attain my goals. So, I would like to attend TEDx to find out how they arrive at their decisions, and eventually how they made it happen.


Growing up and going through school on the "non-traditional" path of filmmaking, I've always encountered detractors and naysayers who do not see it as a legitimate career. Despite my deep passion for the art form, such constant discouragement has gotten to me a few times, but I refuse to give up. Seeing the line-up for this session of TEDxYouth, it heartens me. We have these young Singaporeans who have eschewed the traditional high-paying careers to do charity work and execute social movements. There's even a 13 year old go-kart champion. I wish to learn more from these remarkable individuals who have dared to step out of their comfort zones to do the things they do.

I love to bask in an environment that envelops, and embraces the raw creative drive and passion of aspiring, young entrepreneurs.

I want to be inspired by others who also dream.

Understand what drive youth today.



I would like to be inspired to fulfill my dream to be a football pundit. I have been having some setbacks recently, so I am looking to being positive and optimistic, because I fully believe that I have what it takes to get my dream job. I am hoping this event would be a catalyst to inspire me to reach my goal.

I would like to find out more about the TED community we have here. I've been listening to TED talks ever since my teacher in Shanghai introduced them to me in 2008, and it serves as an enormous inspiration for me in the way I live my life and keeps me on my toes.


I find that here in Singapore we've been enclosed in this little bubble of close-mindedness, but since I moved back in late 2008 I've seen Singapore change and bloom into a country with people eager to learn more and embracing the concept of open-mindedness.

I have a lot of wonderful students in my school who love discussing topics like education, and self-improvement, etc, etc- but I haven't really been exposed to different local school students so I hope that I can meet them and perhaps try to understand more about this country I live in (I am, after all, Singaporean).


There are crazy things I want to do, but I have no idea how to start.

So I would love to hear from other Singaporean youths who have managed to make a difference - successfully at that - in this community that we share, and learn from them.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



All the time I hear people doubting...

"Can I ever do it? Is there any point in dreaming at all? Hard work will not guarantee results anyway." 

I want to hear something different for once.

I want an additional dosage of courage to keep going in the face of - everything.

! ! ! ! !


I love the campaign While You Were Sleeping and I would love to hear from its founder how the campaign was born! :D


Rarely do I meet anyone who has said they wanted to pursue their interests as a career, be it singing, dancing, acting. It's always been grades and doing what society feels is the right thing to do.

I totally do not think our Singapore youths lack talent- we have just as much talent as any other country. What we are lacking is the motivation to pursue those talents and interests.

I think TEDxYouth will help our youths realise that they can pursue their interests as a career and there should be no fear in what they like and in owning their lives.


Seeing for myself how much I can possibly do to change the world in my own way.

To be able to have an insight on what are the dreams of other youths


To be able to have a nice and interesting chat, to have a thought-provoking session, and most importantly, to enjoy myself and have fun.


I have always wondered about my future, and despite wondering for so long I have never reached a conclusion - what I was going to do, and what exactly the value of a dream is, whether to risk security for potential happiness.

To help myself find the answers to the many questions and insecurities I have had since young.   


To explore different thinkings and ideas.


I believe in communication. Communication is the fundamental ability we have as social beings to come together as a group to discuss and through communication, better alternatives and solutions can be discovered for the presented issue.

To be exposed to the wide scope of engaging with eager like-minded individuals like myself and exchange ideas on design, arts and architecture and many other interesting topics that can spur more interesting ideas and thoughts that can contribute back to our respective communities.

To better understand other creative young individuals all over the world and learn from other unique perspectives so as to get inspired by their life experiences which can be vastly different from what we have in Singapore.

I want to express myself as a young Architecture student and my passion and dreams to build a better future for our home, our world.

As a recent graduate, struggling between starting-up and finding a job, I hope this would provide some inspiration to the path ahead.

I realise that all youths have dreams, yet some don't dare to live it up for many reasons unknown.

Listening to testimonies that will motivate me to be bold and live my dream. 


It is comforting to know of many success stories of youths living up their dreams.

To meet like minded people and to see, learn and model after what other successful youths and people out there have done to help enrich people's lives :)

To keep in touch with what youths are interested in and their passion areas, so that I can help my organization work better.

To better frame what i wish to accomplish on a personal level


Cos my family forced me to


To feel the atmosphere of TED.

To share ideas and find people in common to have a intellectually engaging day!
To rejuvenate, refresh, learn, gain perspectives, new ideas, get inspiration and appease the youth in me. (Oh, and have fun while I'm at it too!)

Having chosen to work with youths as a career I find that many life lessons can still be learnt if we take effort to listen and understand to our younger peers.

It is always exciting to listen to their stories and experiences and get renergised and inspire by their youthful enthisiasm!

To hear the voices of the aspiring young people and see how they are able to motivate and galvanize fellow youths to forge social change

 I wish to help fellow young persons reach out to fellow needy Singaporeans and sustain their passion, as well as to motivate and guide them where possible.



My goal is to identify opportunities and make sense of the complex challenges faced by fellow young social changemakers.

I would like to be part of this journey to forge a bottoms-up, innovation and creative-based social justice for our commmunity!

From the list of speakers, I can see that these speakers have various achievements of their own. Some of them start out their projects on their own, and that's a brave thing to do. I hope to learn from their experiences, and also to get to know people (e.g. fellow attendees) during the event.


 These speakers are truly rolemodels for youths of today because not many people dream big and chase after their beliefs.


To listen to the people who has successfully attained their dreams, and how they do it.

To be inspired by them and perhaps gain a little insight into the real world, how i can possibly step into the right direction to fulfilling my dream and make society today change perceptions into something different, into something better.

To meet like-minded individuals who dare to dream, and dare to dream big.

If you which to succeed, surround yourself with successful people.

I work with a lot of youths and I feel that our youths are a very misunderstood generation. They just need the right platform to be engaged effectively. I believe TEDx is the right platform to do so! Would love to see your speakers work their magic!

To get inspiration and also to meet like-minded people!

To meet and hear of other people and their stories as driven by their dreams

I am a student  who get his dream from China to Singapore for study. I think the biggest challenge for my is my English. I came from China and study in a school that all the students are Chinese. The language environment is not so good. So I want to improve my English through the TEDx@Singapore 2012.  And also I want to improve myself ability in solve problems.And can get more ideas and think more creative in the future. I would love to be inspired by my peers.

I think it will be interesting to see how people are making an impact.

One of my dearest friends, Joanne Kwok, will be speaking. I want to be there to support her, and also see idea of 'I have a dream' come to fruition.

I also want to be inspired by those who share their dreams, and hopefully am able to inspire others after.


To help me search for something meaningful to do which i can devote my life to.

Hopefully by attending this event I will start to develop ideas of my own and help to contribute to my community.

TED talks discuss matters that seem out of the box. It may probably be the little discussions that everyone might have had somewhere with some friends, but never had the depth, knowledge to bring the discussion to another level.


TEDxYouth provides a platform that seem to really echo “strength in numbers”. In many instances, I have had little, out of the blue, eccentric, queer little talks with friends, that at that point seem to be childish, unimportant because I was limited by the opinions of only 6. Most definitely through TED, this number would increase exponentially. People with different opinions, matters, belief would contribute to these types of discussions, to make those little queer topics, less queer but more relatable, and important.

To discuss matters that seem less mundane, matter that are beyond me, that I would need the help of others to properly grasp;  help from both peers and adults, and even those younger than me. It provides opinions that I might have yet to provide due to age, or opinions I might have casted aside after learning more things as I grew older.


 I really enjoy studying architecture but it can be very taxing and I sometimes feel the urge to give up, I hope by attending TEDxYouth, listening and relating to personal stories of people who broke through their boundaries I find the motivation in myself to push through difficult times in the course of my studies as well as in life.

The teenagers have many fresh ideas. I can study something from them.


To not just listen to speakers with different ideas, but to meet other young people from this country, coming from different backgrounds with different ideas, but all with the common goal of making our society - and places beyond this - even better, one idea at a time.

To broaden my horizons on issues that are ongoing in today's context.

To hear how the speakers act upon those issues such that it would make this world a better place.

To be awed and inspired.

To understand and learn from others.

To hear about what make others tick, as well as their motivations in life. Having dreams, big or small, is one thing. It is another to keep the passion and fire burning so as to fulfill these ideals.

To meet other people like me; people who want to change the world with their craft.


To be inspired to keep fighting for my dream to win an Oscar.  To meet my intellectual soulmates there and they will join me in my journey to the Oscars.


To see and connect with people who acknowledges the fact that society is not perfect and that there are many ways that we can improve, people who would stand up and make a change for our future, people who would not refer to the society as "them" but as "us". I would like to hear from them how they think and act, learning from them therefore better educating myself.

Thank you TEDxYouth for this awesome platform.

To listen to the people who aspire to be great in lives and learn from them as well as share the dreams that I have with other attendees.

To listen to more creative ideas from the speakers and I hope i can share my ideas with them.

To learn more things and broden my eyesight so that I can improve myself

To share my dreams and listen to other youngsters' dreams.

To gain experience and meet youths of different backgrounds.

To celebrate the ideas and endeavours of youth

To meet and be inspired by awesome people

To have ability do a outstanding speech

To learn about the movement of society

To learn. To be inspired.


To think beyond.


To keep dreaming.

Why not?



* average age of respondants above =19

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