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Privacy policy

We operate on the same values and principles as TED.


# 1.  We respect your privacy.


# 2. We want to encourage connection among the TED and TEDxSingapore community members, but not if it violates the above principle.


#3. We will never sell your data to any third party.


#4. We will never provide any of your data to a third party without your written permission.


#5. The pieces of the information you provide in your profile on our website, social networks and discussion board  are  determined and controlled by you.


#6. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any financial information you provide us is stored securely.


# 7. We ask you to respect the privacy preferences of other TED and TEDxSingapore members.


# 8. We ask you to remember that any information you choose to post publicly (comments, photos, videos) on this site and our social network is, of course, public.


# 9. If you have any concern about privacy violations, please contact us.