Every year in November on Universal Children's Day, TEDx organisers in cities, town and villages all around the world organise and simulcast Global TEDxYouthDay idea events for and about young people and our future.

All our events shared a common vision and purpose: To inspire curiousity, ignite new ideas and enpower young leaders and children.

As part of this global event, TEDx speakers and educators also speak passionately about education and  development of children and youth.

The theme of TEDxYouthDay in 2011 is 'Play, Learn, Build and Share'. Children and youth in Singapore have a special and unique opportunity to give TEDx Talks and performances to share with Singapore and the world about what they feel, think and do...


Last year, TEDxSingapore participated in the first-ever Global TEDxYouthDay on Saturday 20 November 2010, along with over 60 towns, cities and countries.  12 children and youth from Singapore delivered TED-style talks and performances, sharing their ideas, talents and endeavours with the world.  Innovative educators spoke about the development and education of children.   As always, we engaged in memorable experiences with the incredible TED community of Singapore. We especially enjoyed seeing people come as familes:  Parents, daughters, sons, nephews, nieces, aunts', uncles, grandparents, grandchildren.  

From 2011, Global TEDxYouthDay@Singapore will an annual event curated and created BY the youth of  Singapore themselves, as an authentic expression of who they are, their hopes, aspirations, concerns, dreams...

If you're a youth in Singapore, especially if you're aged 21 and below, and interested in be part of the pioneer Curatorial and Organising TEDxYouthDay 2011 team, fill in your details here.

Interested youth in Singapore are invited to attend a briefing and meeting on Saturday 20 August 10am-noon, at The Thought Collective, 222 Queen Street, Level 4 (opposite Food For Thought, 8Q SAM, nearest MRT City Hall and Bras Basah, nearest parking SMU admin or on Queen St)


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Global TEDxYouthDay 2011 website  www.TEDxYouthDay.com

Global TEDxYouth@Singapore 2010 here

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email: ILoveTED @ TEDxYouthSingapore.com 




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