8-9 December 2010 in Singapore. 


TEDWomen, a brand new global TED conference revealed:  Who are the women leading change? What ideas are they championing? How are they shaping the future?


TEDWomen in USA connected to TEDxSingapore and TEDx events across the globe, bringing thousands of people from every continent together, creating a truly remarkable global conversation.

Over 115 TEDx events were simultaneously held all around this planet from Washington to Warsaw to Wellington to Woodlands. From their hearts and minds, women in Singapore shared their ideas, talents and endeavours with the world...

We participated in a remarkable global conversation and celebration.

TEDxSingapore hosted this global event

over two evenings on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 December.

Women in Singapore shared their ideas, talents, work and endeavours with the world: A surgeon whose persistence amid doubt drove her to become a pioneer in her field, a climber from the Women's Everest team, a 113-year-old humanitarian whose zest for life energises those around her, a serial social entrepreneur who believes that ingenuity goes a long way to make up for the lack of natural resources - and other women who are making a difference.

We'll also screened brand-new TED Talks from the TEDWomen Conference in Washington DC.

and as always, engaged in great shared experiences with the incredible diversity of people and TED fans in Singapore.



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Plus, our content partner, The National Library of Singapore highlights

books and resources for, about, and by women and for you to enjoy.

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Learn more about the TEDWomen Conference in Washington DC

Curators:  GraceCLAPHAM, GeraldineKAN, SairaSYED,

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